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 Cero Rules.

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Nebula Cana

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Name: Shishigami Jubei
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PostSubject: Cero Rules.   Wed 07 Oct 2009, 4:20 pm

Now, we're going to have some rules in place for Cero, so that no one spams them within a post. Here is how it is going to be. You can Cero twice in a single post, then you can't use it anymore. I've seen people spam a million Cero in one post before, and to be honest, I used to be one of those people once apon a time. So, I know exactly what I'm talking about here; you are allowed two Cero, then you have to wait one post for a cooldown before you may fire another Cero.

As for Cero, we have a rule for Gran Rey Cero as well. You must use a method similar to what Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez used in the manga/anime; mixing your blood with a regular Cero. Gran Rey Cero has a one post charge before it may be used, and afterwards, it has a three post cooldown. Only the Espada can use the Gran Rey Cero.

For Cero Oscuras, only the top four Espada may use it. It has a cooldown of six post, and can only be used after the Espada has released their Zanpakuto.

Cero User
Weak Hierro
Sonido User
Strongest Resureccion

Post Release:
Cero Master
Strongest Hierro
Sonido Master (Varies on your transformation)
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Cero Rules.
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