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PostSubject: Alejandro   Mon 05 Oct 2009, 4:38 am

Arrancar Template

~!*We all have a persona*!~

Name: Alejandro

Age: N/A

Visual Age: Mid Twenties

Gender: Male

Appearance: He's a male of 6'0, having the traditional arrancar uniform. The uniform is customaized with an armor like shoulder pad on his right shoulder. His hollow hole also appears to be on the middle of his stomach. The remaining part of his mask resembles a fourth of a bird's beak that appears on the left side of his left head that oversees the temple.
His personality is like that of the stereotypical arrancar: overconfident, sometimes arrogant and blood thirsty and fearless. however, unlike other arrancara nd even hollows, he considers those that work with or for him "comrades" and develops an "unspoken friendship" with people. In battle, he's absolutely reckless and destructive to the point where he probably appears to not be able to distinguish between friend or foe. He's extremely perceptive and makes sport of fighting, that being his hobby ever since he was a hollow.

Sometimes, Alejandro will show restraint in some or certain situations as he finds it hard to not kill or cripple someone with his bare hands or through the use of others methods, including the manipulation of others or just simply commanding others to do so.

~!*That exploits the burdened weight that lay hidden within*!~

~!*Just as time halts to a stand-still*!~


His life as a human is irrelevant, Alejandro thought.
Not again, he thought..he wasn't ready to live another life. Even though he's not human, he was exhausted, annoyed, frustrated and just down right afraid. He shouldn't be keep going through this same cycle..a never ending cycle of reincarnation and purification. All he wanted was peace.
Skipping ahead of his constant mourning of never finding peace, he lived his life underneath the white desert of Hueco Mundo that was called the Forest of Menos. In the beginning, he has sealed his hollow powers into a wing shaped saber with the feather like blades pretruding downwards.
He just couldn't begin to describe how convenient it was to kill a shinigami. He wasn't any class of hollow and his power often fluctuated though he occasionally assumed he wasn't a menos. He often contemplated on whether he should become a cannabalistic maniac or not. And with his fluctuating power, did he have the strength to do it? Of course he did..but did he want to live the life of an a target of other hollows, but if he had the power to stop that, he wouldn't worry any longer.

As a low class hollow, he was nothing but a hollow like bird that resembled a humming with small traces of fur along the back and limbs as the rest was covered in gray flesh and feathers and had the matching hollow mask to finish the resemblance. He hid low as he was weak. But then, he had discovered other hollows of his level. They all stood together, ganging up on stronger hollows as they each began to feast on the carcass. Once each of them began to grow in power, and even in size, they seperated for centuries as they wanted to reach new levels of power.

As Alejandro had grew stronger, he was jumped by a bunch of hollows that soon formed a menos grande. It took quite awhile before a hollow's conscious took control of this evil entity. Once Alejandro took over, the mask had changed shape into that of a avian like creature with a blood thirsty grin that had red markings beak. It fed on other gillian type menos leveled hollows. After awhile, smaller hollows began to attack him..futile attacks they were. He didn't bother eating them, only to blow them away with a powerful cero that obliterated them in one blow. He roared as even other gillians had chose to not oppose him, but rather live mutually with him in the forest until Alejandro was ready to feast upon them.

After almost a decade of consuming hollows, menos alike, he began to shrink. Although his body shrank, his spiritual power was quite the contrary, growing instead. He was a mighty bird shaped hollow that appeared to be fully grown as an adjuchas. If standing on its legs, he'd be at least ten feet tall.Now his abilities had grown far more than the average adjuchas, even able to take on a captain at least. His powers complimented his nature as a hollow as he had exploding feathers. However..some hollows were planning to take him down while taking flight through the forest of menos.

Alejandro had growled as he scanned the hollows. One of them were gorilla shaped, the other looked like a demonic horse, and the last one was a praying mantis. They all rushed in as the gorilla pounded the ground as a shockwave homed in on Alejandro. The horse like menos shot a jet stream of fire and the praying mantis slashed with the sickle like appendages towards Alejandro as wind blades were produced from said slashes. Alejandro released a deafening scream before all the attacks collided with each other at the location of their target. He had vanished as the hollows looked around, the gorilla hollow being attacked from the side with a slash of his right talon that decaptitated him while he screame din pain.

The mantis had rushed up to the adjuchas in an attempt to slash him, but failed once deflected with his left talon and retaliated with a slash to cut off the arm. Alejandro tackled the mantis down, biting down onto the shoulder of the said hollow and lifted upwards, tearing off the upper abdomen clear from its lower half, clawing it to bits and devoured the pieces with haste. He turned around towards the gorilla and the horse, his feathers and his face covered in the other hollow's blood. He tackled down the gorilla, drilling both talons into its chest befoore eating out the soon to be carcass. The horse fired another stream of flames to fry him.

The fire made contact, but Alejandro was still standing, covered in soot, burns, and blood. His body adapted to the pain, slightly bulking up as he appeared infront of the horse with frightening speed and slashed the head off the horse with increased strength. It was done..Alejandro feasted tonight. Once there was nothing left, he had a sickening laughter that filled Hueco Mundo as his spiritual power overwhelmed his body, his mask cracking.

His personality wouldn't allow further hesitation, causing his hunger for power to grow and consume his very being. A thin tear drop travelled down both cheeks as he laughed maniacally and broke his mask using his own spiritual pressure with tremendous effort.A flash of light occured, time travelled forward until he discovered Las Noches. He appeared in the arrancar uniform, his true power a mystery to almost everyone that has ever met him. As leader of the notorious Espada, he couldn't help but to think how much he's come a long way from being a hollow to a fearsome arrancar. But from time to time, he seems to not only linger around Las Noches, but think about his time as a hollow..

Upon attacking these adjuchas..he came to find out that they were imperfect arrancar to be exact. They were extremely fierce when it came to fighting, but so was Alejandro. Once it vanished, an almost entirely new being emerged. A humanoid hollow standing at 6'0, having a human sized hollow mask that's quite similiar to the bone like disguise of his adjuchas state. He was basically a humanoid insect that resembled his lesser transformation, but with only one pair of arms and legs. Alejandro's hollow reiatsu became totally indistinguishable from the rest of the hollows.

He became one of the few "kings" of the forest with his new found power...he became the top of the food chain, though he wasn't the one to actually rule over anyone else because of evolution. Though unsaid, he repeated his cannabolism until he achieved see if the legend was true to becoming something 'more'. Everything was calm now..all was arrancar was born and his flash back ends.

Role-Play Sample:Celeste's attack had missed, the arrancar girl was gone. Though a cheap trick, he fell for it. And now, he was left with no one to kill or to destroy. He turned around and faced Las Noches with a dull look. He, of course, had blew apart of it away..and now it was time for him to finish the job. If no one was going to stop him, to apprehend him as he had hoped for the primera espada to do, then all hope is lost for Las Noches.

He rose in the air, suddenly enveloped in lightning and reiatsu. He spun his zanpaktou in the air, right above his head.

"Reign, El Rey de Trueno y Relámpago!"

A large pillar of golden yellow and white reiatsu had covered Celeste completely. An enourmous bird made of this reiatsu descended from the heavens, sprouting its wings as he infused itself with the pillar. Lightning and thunder plagued the skies as the large spirit structure dissipated, revealing an entirely new figure.

Celeste becomes covered in bone armor from head to toe. His abdomen is covered in this material with layered ridges that overlap one another, starting from the top. He also has claws and talons that are extremely sharp. His shoulder blades also seem to gain a second pair that grows up to four feet long. His mask fragment doesn't change, but his sclera turns black and his irises and pupils turn bright yellow. He can also choose to sprout bone wings from his back to enable flight. The wing span about 7 meters long. He only spoke one word.. [end]

Innate Ability:Asimilar (Adapt):Whenever damage is taken, suffering from a status ailment, or from enviromental conditions, his body will slightly bulk, increasing resistance to bodily harm, adaptaing to a situation or damage his body is going through. With this innate ability, it makes damaging or attacking Alejandro with special effects very difficult.

[color=Darkorange]~!*The clock starts to move again, and the pendulum resets....Begin*!~

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PostSubject: Re: Alejandro   Mon 05 Oct 2009, 4:48 am

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