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 Khaddaoui, Temp.

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PostSubject: Khaddaoui, Temp.   Mon 05 Oct 2009, 3:51 am

Vizard Template

~!*We all have a persona*!~

Name: Khaddaoui, Temp.

Age:150 years old.

Visual Age:Early 20's


Ex-Division:Second Division.

Personality:Temp stands between everything in the universe. Temp is a being that does not think of himself to that high of a status. He is a vessel that does what pleases himself, he does not get pleased though easily from the others that surround him. He thinks of others as things that annoy him and simply ignores others completely at times.

Temp you could say “does not play well with others.” He enjoys doing what he pleases as said before thus hates the presence of others around him. Although, he enjoys seeing the sight of others “blood.” This makes his personality change in a mere instant as he starts to get overly happy. His thoughts change to battle tactics and fighting gestures. Temp takes his stance in plain seconds and targets the being that he wishes to drain of its life force. He is a laid back kind of man that has little friends and loves to fight. That is a short view of his personality for one.

Although the man is slightly insane, he does enjoy certain activities. One of these activities is drinking. Temp enjoys the occasional speck of a "drink" greatly. "Drinking" is something that allows him to be free of his duties for the time being. It gives Temp relief for what is happening as well, sometimes he may bring forth randomly a bottle of wine or a simple drink in the middle of a battle.

Often seen in a dark black cloak covered with stained blood. This blood sticks as if from the soul of Temp himself. The cloak goes down from a hood topping then flows down to the knees. It is purely black silk and water resistant and fire resistant along with slight shielding of ones reiatsu. Think of this as a diving suit with no mask. Under the hood lie the dark blue eye’s of Temp, they seem to even take the form of darting bird eyes. He may often be teased upon as a bird for such an appearance. His hair is shielded from the hood of course but there is a slight showing of it that comes down to the spreading of eyelashes. This showing is that of a deep and dark tannic color. It does not fully shield the eyes of Temp take note to this.

Now for under the cloak that shrouds the presence of Temp. The powerful spiritual being’s true body is to that of a slightly bulked figurine. He has a belt of supplies wrapped in many bags around his waist. Most important “wrapped one” is one that is and sheathe for a one yard long silver black katana. This is his trusted weapon for battle which he treasures with all heart. Also, Temp is 6'7. He wear’s a white espada shirt like most espada do. His pants are that of espada’s wear as well but blood stains are soaked usually upon the pants. He wears sandals of animal skin/hollow skin made purely of spirit particles. Along with this clothing, the male also wears part of a Shinigami uniform. This uniform is only a really small part of a Shinigami's clothing though. The sleeves of a Shinigami's clothing are what Temp has on his arms, but that is all he has. Along with this though, there is another part of a Shinigami's uniform that he wears. What Temp wear's is the white part of a captain's clothing. This part of a captain's uniform is on Temp's back, he bares the symbol of the second division.

~!*Just as time halts to a stand-still*!~
History/Background:Temp was a normal child in the crowd, with of course slight problems. He lived in some remote place that not many knew about. His life was truly the opposite of an exciting one. He was a nobody in his school and on the streets. At first Temp had held the feat of being together with his parents. But this lasted only for one year, the year he was born. The parents of Temp had been killed by the force of a stray gun shot when they had been driving home one day, quite sad as that was the first time they had left Temp with a "nanny." No one had known who the men and women that had been killed by the gun shot were. As there car crashed and had a high powered explosion upon contact of another car. It took a mere few hours for the "nanny" to get mad. She left the home to the baby, as he lay alone in a house on the scary streets. The nanny was a cruel human only caring for money, thus she called the cops on Temp's parents as she wished for her payment. Cops could not contact either parents cellphone so they had took Temp into a foster home upon never finding the parents of Temp, case closed. Soon after he was placed in the foster home, someone had adopted him a month into being at the home. The couple were rude and had always raised fights throughout the day until Temp had died.

Temp was fifteen the day he died. He was someone who was quite tough, this being from the beating of his parents every day. They had wanted to release there regrets and pains upon something, or someone. Of course, it had to be Temp, which was why he was adopted by such cruel people. The only thing that Temp had begun to love was his girlfriend, which brought forth his end. Temp and his girlfriend, the only thing he cared for one day were walking home. As Temp, did not want to look stupid. He had not the money to get anything he ever wanted, only thing he would get out of his selfish parents was food. How else would they keep there "thing" to beat alive? Temp and his girlfriend had taken a route that neither had used before. It was easy to walk his girlfriend home, as they lived one block away from each other. The new route seemed like it would help the couple get
home sooner.

Unexpectedly, a hand grabbed the kneck of Temp's girlfriend quickly. The hand had brought forth itself from the shadows that lay next to the couple. It was a suprise that would ruin the life of Temp permanetly. His vision fogged quickly upon the sight of his girlfriend being quickly pulled into the shadows.

"Come on girl.....Lets have some fun...."

The voice yelled in a sickened tone of voice, Temp knew what would happen but he knew that his time was up as well. I'm sorry...." Was the final thought of Temp as his vision quickly faded to nothing. This did not last long for Temp though, as quickly he reawakened next to his corpse. His corpse lay in a bloody mess, all the blood channeled through the head of Temp's corpse then out. This continued for five minutes, until the body had no more left to give to the head. Temp looked at his corpse in front of him, then at himself. His eyes had showed how scared he was.

Then another amazing event happened after his reawakening, a giant brown figure was layed out in front of Temp's unwounded and seemingly alive body. It's white mask was the most stunning feature of its body, excluding the amazing size.

"Fresh and dead, my favorite..."

The giant yelled, his voice reflecting off the surrounding buildings. But, as quick as the beast had appeared, it disappeared. A blinding white sword was seen through the scared eyes of Temp, as he stood there stunned. Blood through itself on the walls of two buildings that lay nearby Temp. A black-like aura flowed into the air, as Temp started to run. He continued to run, but in an instant a blade had landed upon his forehead before he had even gotten to the end of the block all the cars surrounding him stopped. A fast movement broke the winds surrounding Temp, as a blue energy was positioned around him. His thoughts raced, what the hell!!! was all he could seem to say within the depths of his mind before his thoughts transformed to nothing, nothing at all.

Temp had not even got to spend a bit of time in rukongai, he had simply been enrolled into the shinigami academy for his reaitsu that was quite high. His abilitys were great, he had handled kido quite well. It was one of his many strong points in the academy. It did not take much time for Temp to graduate, as it was only seven years. He was given a zanpaktou, just given one. At first, he had no idea how to use such an object but of course he learned over time. All of the knowledge that he had gained from the academy and using his zanpaktou resides in him as he always awaits the orders of his leader for the moment.

Later on in Temp's life, chaos erupted as usual. It wasn't odd that such had occured in the world of Soul Society. Always, there was something off in all of the dimensions. Usually, the problem related to the beastly creatures named Hollow. One day, the Hollow's had enough nerve to invade into Soul Society. There objective was unknown, but they all had the same appearance. It was an odd attack, as all of the Hollow looked the same. In mere days though, the reason was discovered. The Hollow leader had injected some sort of virus into one Hollow. If the Hollow were to injure a Shinigami, they would become a Hollow. Temp was of the lucky ones, in a way. He had his Zanpaktou damaged by one of the Hollow, which made it so the Zanpaktou became Hollow-like. Squad 12 made it so the spirit of the Zanpaktou for Temp was cured. But, they didn't like the fact that he himself had a bit of Hollow rubbed onto him. With Hollow in him growing and the war ending, Temp had problems. The problems consisted of him having nightmares of a Hollow, also known as his inner Hollow. In combat, Temp gained his Hollow mask. Of course, the seated officers needed to run there mouths, which made it so Temp was exiled and to be hunted as he was on the run.

Temp soon found more like him, maybe with different ways of becoming a Vaizard. But, Temp didn't care, as long as he found others like him which could aid him in survival. Temp didn't want to have his life end so quickly and began to discover more about his Vaizard people to gain peace between him and his own Hollow. Him and his Hollow fought, in the end after a long battle, Temp was the one that won. The Hollow was concealed deep within Temp, for now.

Role-Play Sample:Crap...Left it in the car.

~!*The clock starts to move again, and the pendulum resets....Begin*!~
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PostSubject: Re: Khaddaoui, Temp.   Tue 06 Oct 2009, 5:09 am

....Approved. Generate your character sheet and fill it out.

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Khaddaoui, Temp.
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