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 Jushiro Izanagi Done

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PostSubject: Jushiro Izanagi Done   Sun 04 Oct 2009, 11:51 pm

Vizard Template

Name: Jushiro Izanagi

Age: 790

Visual Age: 24

Gender: Male

Ex-Division: 10th

Personality: Izanagi is a very laid back and reserved person at times. Only speaking when the situation demands it. He likes to observe and come to his own conclusion about certain things in life. He is also very perceptive and tend to be a lot more cautious than reckless. Most of the time he acts rather shy, but that part of his demeanor will be quickly tossed to the side during battle. Pluto will no longer be this seemingly kind and shy person. It will be as if something else takes over from him. And it shows through his merciless actions at times. Izanagi's personality tends to be quite complex and is known to be somewhat of a two face. And so his personality is not stable in that sense, since he could easily come out his shell and engage in quite a few interesting conversations. He is not the type of person to be easily intimidated and will most likely shrug off any attempts that another person may try at intimidating him.

He enjoys training and continuously reaching new heights as far as his strength is concerned. Izanagi is also the type never to pick a fight, but hardly ever backs down from one. However he is also very calculative and will never fight a losing battle no matter what anyone says. Most of all he can be a very Cunning person and can be seen forming a fox grin on his face, which means he's either amused by something or he's possibly up to no good. Apart from his other perks, he enjoys drinking sake and surprisingly will even drink with the enemy. But his drinking never gets in the way of his fighting or reasoning which is a bonus to him in battle.

Appearance: Izanagi is 6'5 and his muscular built which shows that he can be a very physical person too. His body looks rather enduring in its build and very suitable for a fighter of his type. His eyes are crimson red and will look quite cold and demonic at times without him having to put much effort into it. His stare some times is known to send a chill down someone's spine even if he didn't intend to do so. Izanagi's body is built for physically dominating his opponents with both strength and speed. He has long white spiky hair which causes him to look rather wild, almost as if his hair was a lion's mane in its own unique way. He wears a black sleeveless kimono and a red and black overcoat with a couple of interesting designs on them. On his hands are a pair of black fingerless gloves that stretches above his wrist, which sit comfortable on his hands. His pants are also black with two eastern type dragon carefully wrapped around both legs. Izanagi's whole appearance is still Shinigami like and in this case his Red and Black overcoat would be his Captain's Haori in a sense.

~!*That exploits the burdened weight that lay hidden within*!~

Extras, but not mandatory;:

Height: 6'5

Weight: 280 lbs

Hair: White

Eyes: Cimson

Nicknames: (This one isn't required.)

Reiatsu Color: Black with silver stripes flowing throw it.

Reiatsu Power Level: Tis a Surprise What a Face





Necessary Fights

And ah More Women and Sake!



Not Having a Woman

When all the Rum is Gone!


Unnecessary Battles

Habits/quirks: (3-5 )

~!*Just as time halts to a stand-still*!~


Shinigami Chapter:

Izanagi grew up in one of the poorest and most dangerous districts in Rukongai. He lived a terrible life, one where he always had to be aware of his surroundings. It is said that he took on the name of his best friend that passed away due to an hollow attack. He was later discovered by a Shinigami after showing that he had the potential, to be a great Shinigami, he was then recruited by the Shinigami. Reluctantly he went along with him and thus finding a new path. He moved up through the academy fairly quickly constantly improving or always seeking to do so. He demonstrated his abilities in 3 major art of fighting. Those were, Shunpo, Swordsmanship and kidou. With the time spent at the academy he honed his skills to the highest possible level until it was time for him to move on. Upon graduation Izanagi had his eyes set on going to the 10th division which seemed to intrigue him a lot due to their policies.

After his graduation, he was recruited into the 10th division where he quickly gained his shikai. Working with his Zanpakuto constantly through training and battle he learned a lot from his blade. And it wasn't long that his potential became noticeable by the members of his division. He was often trusted with many important tasks due to his dedication and perseverance . He kept on moving up the ranks, at a rapid rate. By the time he was at 3rd seat he managed to gain Bankai but kept it a secret. He kept on training with his zanapakuto to properly develop his skills, before getting the opportunity to put them on display. As the years went by and the 3 worlds started colliding. Such as the Human World, Hueco mundo and Soul Society. Izanagi found himself playing an active role, his mastery over his Shikai abilities and his skills made him an asset to his division and Soul Society.

During this time of war Izanagi's Captain passed away and the 10 division was left without a Captain. That's when Izanagi decided to take up the reins and became the new 10th division Captain. And from then on he's been the captain of the 10th and have been carrying out his duties. He made a name for himself and is a well renowned Captain of the Gotei 13 until a certain faithful day.

Vaizard Chapter:

Constantly fighting for what he believed in saw Izanagi going against an opponent that had the opposite ideals as he did. It was during this time that his fate changed and the birth of a new person in the form of Izanagi was now in existence. The assailant that changed Izanagi's fate was a sort of mad scientist that believed in strengthening the soul of the Shinigami through the process of hollowification. This crazed individual truly believed that Hollowification of a Shinigami's soul was the new form of evolution and that all Shinigami should undergo this process. However Izanagi didn't share his beliefs and so a battle took place between both of them. Being a mad scientist and an idealist it should have been evident that this opponent had a plan or way of transforming the soul of a Shinigami. However Izanagi ignored those little detail and his calculative and perceptive skills failed him in battle.

His opponent managed to corrupt his soul and induced the hollowfication process which caused Izanagi to rampage for a while and it was during this time, that he defeated his adversary. But it was already too late for him since he was no longer a Shinigami, he was instead an hybrid. Izanagi found himself going through a state of denial and depression for a while, even going M.I.A for a while to get his hollow side under control. It was by luck that he had someone by his side that had some knowledge of the Hollowfication and process. And although they tried to reverse it, it proved impossible to do so. Still moving among the Gotei 13 as the Captain of the 10th Division, Izanagi's powers manifested during battle for all his comrades to see. At this point everything started going downhill for Izanagi and it was now utterly useless to even hide what he truly is.

Surprisingly unlike the treatment most Vaizards got when they underwent the hollowfication Process. Inzanagi faced no ill treatment from his pairs except for their self pity. Thinking that he would now be hunted down by his former comrades due to pass experience. He was instead given the option of Resigning his post and to go into exile, it wasn't even an option to be precise it was an order. Leaving Soul Society and his home behind Izanagi found himself in the human world where he came across others like himself. During this time his hollow side started becoming more and more difficult to deal with since he didn't have full control over it yet. Izanagi found himself having to undergo a process that was almost like training for Bankai all over again. This time round it was to defeat his hollow side in which he did. Being the no nonsense warrior that he is, Inzanagi fought and conquered his hollow within 25 minutes of a very difficult battle.

Having completing the process successfully Izanagi accepted the fact that he could no longer pretend to be a Shinigami. Now he had to embrace the fact that he was an hybrid which worked fined for him since he was now stronger than before. Being able to keep his mask on without worrying about his Hollow side interfering or without a time limit on it. Izanagi was reassured and was without doubt and his previous life as a Gotei 13 Captain didn't seem to matter any more.

Role-Play Sample: Jushiro wanted to post an Rp Sample but the Computer said No!

~!*The clock starts to move again, and the pendulum resets....Begin*!~
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PostSubject: Re: Jushiro Izanagi Done   Mon 05 Oct 2009, 12:44 am

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Jushiro Izanagi Done
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