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 El Grande

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PostSubject: El Grande   Sun 04 Oct 2009, 3:43 am

Name: El Grande


Visual Age:13


Ex-Division:kido corps

Personality: El has many mixtures of personallities. he is basically straight-forward, impatient, kind, caring, depressed. and hole full bunch of stuff. He works terribly in teams and is not afraid to ask for help. he doesn't see asking for help to be a sign of weakness, only a sign of strength to ask. He also hates Arrancar and wishes for them and the espada to be destroyed.


El has a three inch scar on the back of his head, it used to be a birth mark, but he had a surgery because it could lead to a serious sickness

Height: 5'11"

Weight: 140

Hair: brown

Eyes: hazel

Nicknames: El or Grande

Reiatsu Color: Red

Reiatsu Power Level: above average

Likes: women, weapons, weeping enemies begging for life, vizards, and shinigmi

Dislikes: Quincy, Enemies, arrancar, espada, hollows

Habits/quirks: he has a big habit of combos, its nothing but combos to him, uses kido a lot, uses hado a lot, bankai

History/Background:El was born in northern spain, and his father abandoned him when he was born to a very depressed mother, when she was dpressed he was really depressed. when he was two years old, he began to play with plus souls, his mother thought he as mentally ill and took him to a mental treatment facility. where doctors watched his every move. he lived in three years of confinement talking with insane plus souls that had died in his cell. whenever a doctor came in to give him food. El gave him an evil glare as if to get the hell out.

they at last at the age of seven let him out, but the only thing they told him was that his mother had died, by jumping off a building. El was very depressed then. because he heard the stories of the children under the age of eighteen were sent to a place called an orphanage. so the doctors dropped him of with the only things he had, his light silver hair and the clothes on his bare back. When he got to his room, his roommate glared at him, he later found out that he was the orphanage bully.

The orphanage was very unkind to him, only because he was new and thought he was going to be re adopted. in the shower rooms the took all his clothes and left him there to be beaten by the orphanage warden, he always was made fun of because of his silver hair, they called him old man and all the stuff like that. and the bully roommate only made it worse, at night he would poor stuff on him in which the origin El didn't even wanted to find out. but there was a plus soul at the orphanage, one that died a long way back, and the plus soul was a master of the sword. the plus soul showed him where he kept his old sword and taught him to master it, feel it, care for it, and BE the blade.

At the orphanage, in order to raise funds for the terrible food they had held
kendo matches with no armor, the fight was when the opponent backs out, or even to first blood. El, one day picked up one of the wooden bokkens (or wooden samurai sword) and waited his turn, the plus sol that had trained him made him review all that he learned. and so he did. getting each answer correct. El's turn was up, and ironically was facing his roommate, the bully of the orphanage, who was the champion. El got into a defensive stance, while the bully made one of the most ignorant attack, a downwards slash. El reacted and slashed at the bullies waist as he rose his bokken. a loud carack came when the wood met the flesh and bruised the bully, really badly, because he was on his knees, and then El made a downwards slash onto his collarbone, it snapped, and the bully fell over, dead. the bone had puntured so deeply into his internal organs that the body shut down and died.

The orphanage kicked him out, but El was able to keep a wooden bokken stating he was the champion. But that was all that El had, but his master, the plus soul had decided to come with him and train him in the secret art of samurai. ten times more effective than what he had trained El to do.

He trained for three long years, until he was fifteen, when a hollow came, and ate his master before a soul reaper could come. But by that time the hollow ate El's soul as well and turned him into a hollow as well.


El was a hollow, and was in need of devouring, he devoured many souls in a span of a hundred years, until a soul reaper captain came and purified him.

Soul Reaper

El was in the soul society, and for fifty long years lived in peace, but when he heard that the resistance needed recruits, he applied for the academy. he trained and learned in the way of the demon and sword techniques he never knew existed, and more than he thought he could ever learn. he came tops in his class for kido, and was a great swordsman. he was then assigned as a soul reaper in the kido corps. there he was a soul reaper for another fifty years, until he became a captain.

El was a captain, of the kido corps, he had fought in many battles and worked his way through the ranks to get to this point. he would never let them down. ever. he would be the greatest captain he could possibly be.

Shin became a vizard one day by walking around the grassland carlessly and was absorbed by a hollow. he defeated it in its realm and reobtained his own body, a mixed body. he wishes to master the hollow and kill arrancar and espada to this day.

Role-Play Sample:[post from arrancardynasty from my quincy, if this is not allowed then i will gladly create a new rp sample]

Quintus, shocked that shirou actually had hollow bait, watched as he crushed it. suddenly huge amounts of spirit pressure were slowly eating their way through time and space to get here. he shivered slightly, what is he doing......must be part of the training. he shivered once more. aimed his bow and fired in what attempted to be a three hundred arrow volley. but it came out as a fifty arrow volley.

He stuck his hand into his pocket and pulled out a rather alien object, silver tubes. he threw them into the air and yelled,"Sprenger!" immediately they turned into selee shneiders and formed around five hollows making a square around them, the space within the borders o f the blades, which the hollows were contained in, blew up. He landed on his knees gasping for breath, he could barely use silver tubes, looks like its all bow now. he raised his bow after a few seconds constructing it and fired a volley, this time fifty five arrows, he was slowly improving, SLOWLY improving.

This is my maximum posting, it might slowly grow over time as i gain rping experience
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PostSubject: Re: El Grande   Fri 09 Oct 2009, 3:32 am

I'm not trying to be cruel or anything, but, I don't believe you are qualified to be a Vaizard. Due to this, I deny you the rights to be in the race until you can prove yourself to me.

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El Grande
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