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 Shinsei Kakumei

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PostSubject: Shinsei Kakumei   Sun 04 Oct 2009, 2:12 am

Vizard Template

~!*We all have a persona*!~

Name: Shinsei Kakumei

Age: 1369

Visual Age: 17

Gender: Male

Ex-Division: Second (Thus he is good at Hand to Hand fighting)

Personality: Shinsei Kakumei isn't the most mercyful person. Believing in completing his goals to the finish, if he told himself he would kill someone, he would do so. Unless he was internally interrupted and his mind changed, he wouldn't let off something he motivated himself to do. Only kind to his friends, he either acts respectfully or he acts with sarcasm to strangers... It most likely depends on the person he is talking to. Taking things seriously, during a battle he'll use his intellegence to figure out the highest solution to win the battle. During a fight that he has to go all out in, he'll make sure to make use of the opponent's weakness to help him win. In general, he is good with a fight and can be a good opponent. Depending on the situation most likely is what changes his personality. He can act different at different parts of the days. For example he could be calm and peaceful and a nice person to talk to then he could get ignorant or mean and take out his annoyance on the person.

Appearance: Shinsei Kakumei normally wears a black suit and a red tie from the human world. Allthough he also wears a large black cloak that is just his size and white gloves. (Look at my avatar for more visual detail.)

~!*That exploits the burdened weight that lay hidden within*!~

Extras, but not mandatory;:

Height: 5'9"

Weight: ---

Hair: Black

Eyes: Red

Nicknames: ---

Reiatsu Color: Golden Yellow

Reiatsu Power Level: High

Likes: (AT LEAST 5) Likes will be determined through RP

Dislikes: (AT LEAST 5 ) Dislikes will be determined through RP

Habits/quirks: (3-5 ) ---

~!*Just as time halts to a stand-still*!~

History/Background: Shinsei Kakumei was born as a soul in soul society. Having no memories left of his life as a human or hollow, he couldn't tell what he had done in his past life. Nor did he actually care. Growing up in the more richer parts of Rukongai, he wasn't someone to know what a really poor life is like. Even so, he had to waste a lot of money on food. Unlike the other souls, he had a higher reiatsu level and because of that he was somewhat more hungry than others. Even though groups of people in rukongai would make families, no one ever made a family with Shinsei. Well, for that time that is. An old man once came to him and introduced himself as Mouzou of the Kakumei family in Rukongai. Many shinigami had come from that family and they were a family who liked to gather more spiritually powerful souls. Accepting it with gratitude, he was happy that he finally had a family. Not long after did his family reccomend for him to join the academy to become a shinigami. Accepting that as well, he thought it was a great idea since he did indeed like power that was both mentally... and physically helpful. Joining the academy not long after, he was put into the more advanced classes and was one of the top students. Excelling in kidou and kendo, he was also good with hand-to-hand fighting. Mastering other types of swordsmanship kind of fighting, he leaned rather more to this hand-to-hand fighting abilities. Being incredibly intellegent for his age, he passed the academy very fast and was put into the second division right away. Then one night when he was sleeping, something was calling his name. Shinsei.... Do you want my power? Suddenly he had felt a slight shock around his body. My name is... Waking up immediatly after, he didn't know what had happened. At first he thought it was a dream but when he told his friends in the second division, they told him that his zanpakuto was calling out to him. Now extremely happy that he had got such power, he knew that there was even more to come.

Several nights after he kept on having that dream. Then one night, when he couldn't get to sleep, he took a walk around the woods and found a man in black staring at him. Not knowing at the moment, the man had just started a hollowification process on him. Grabbing the hilt of his zanpakuto, Shinsei drew it out and pointed it at the man. Who are you!? Say your name and rank! After he had spoken, the man simply laughed as he drew out his own katana. "Oh? So demanding? Your just my experiment!!!" Arching his eyebrows into a stern look, Shinsei dashed forward at the man holding his zanpakuto up high. Suddenly feeling a pain at his arm, he tilted his head and saw blood leaking out. Turning back, the man wasn't there anymore. Spinning around, the man was now behind him again and kicked him in the head. Falling to the ground, Shinsei made an effort to hold onto his zanpakuto. Do you want to die? Then all of a sudden the world went black except a yellow aura showered the area with light. Then suddenly a golden dragon appeared up infront of him. My name is... Then suddenly golden reiatsu flashed out from out of Shinsei. Release Your Terror Upon The Enemy... Pausing in a dramatic way with his eyes now a golden yellow. Shougeki Doragon!!! His zanpakuto now changing, he had just gained his shikai in an effort to fight back the man. Boosting off the ground, he held up his shikai up high as he tried to hit the man. Then suddenly a terrible pain formed all through out his body. Immeidatly falling to the ground, his new found shikai dissapeared as he looked at the man. Now seeing a white substance form over his head, he shut his eyes and tryed to use will power to go through this. "Ha. It's no use to stop it. You will become a mixed breed. A hyrbrid of the two races that hate eachother so. You will become a vaizard." Reaching his hand out, Shinsei tryed to crawl toward him. You won't get away with this... Blacking out, the world as he had known it... was gone.

Waking up in what seemed to be karakura town, he didn't know why he was there. Seeing a strange man wearing green come to him with a cane in his hand, he raised an eyebrow as the man smiled at him. W-Who are you? Being answered quickly, the man had no stress or error in his voice. "Oh? That does not matter. What does matter is that you get out of here before the shinigami get here." Immediatly standing up, Shinsei cryed out to the man in a confused voice. What!? I am a shinigami!!! Being quickly answered again, the man's voice was now a bit more serious. "No. Not anymore at least. You are now a Vaizard. Now GO!" Getting rushed out, Shinsei left the home of the man and ran away to look for any allies. The rest of his life was only him gaining power that no one could have thought possible. Other than that... the remains of Shinsei... is unknown.

Hehe... His body will be mine...

Shut up.

Role-Play Sample: (I tend to use this RP sample a lot although my rping abilities have gotten better both quality and quantity wise.)

Thomas owed the thirteen court guard squads so much you may think it's crazy. It wasn't because Thomas was granted a placement among the shinigami. It wasn't because he was able to become as powerful as he was today. It wasn't because he was given a home... it was different. It was the kind of purpose that would drive you to want to live a long and great life... yet that was exactly it. He was given a purpose to live. By being a shinigami, he hadn't lived in rukongai for a long time. Even so, he knew this battle could cause some damage to the town that lay below them. A battle between two strong elites in the world would surely make some notice of others. That didn't matter. No matter what it would take, he would finish off his espada foe and return to Soul Society with good news. Which meant winning this battle. Thinking to himself... I must win, if i don't, the lives of the humans and the lives of the shinigami will be killed. It's not only this battle which will lead us to the end of our lives. It's the battles that will come from this one. I have to win showing that the Captains and the rest of the shinigami are not those who should be taken lightly. Gripping the hilt of his zanpacktou, he felt a slight itch on his leg. It wouldn't matter now. Itches were only distractions.

Distractions would not be tolerated. He almost felt as if he was made a captain just to kill the soul society's enemies. His doubts were quickly destroyed. He enjoyed being one of the Captains of the thirteen court guard squads and would try his best to be useful to his Captain Commander. He knew that his speech would be commented by the arrancar and he knew it wouldn't be an agreement. Likewise, he wouldn't be bested by an arrancar's views of training to get stronger. Listening to the espada's speech on how to get stronger, he almost laughed. Of course people feared Death but letting Death know that they fear him would only encourage him to do his job. Killing was only a minor part of life to those who live normal lives. To Thomas, it was quite large. Somewhat he could think of himself as Death in a disguise. Considering that they have the same job. Soul Reaping... what a weird name for someone who saves the souls. It wasn't that they killed the souls, it was that they put them in their rightful place in Soul Society or in Hell. While Soul Society was the land of the pure and good natured souls, Hell was the place where the souls that did one of the 7 sins went. The lives that humans lead is what decides where they go in life. Atleast that was what Thomas thought.

Your words are only filled with half truths. Sure, everyone fears Death. but what happens if they live a life that Death is apart of. When you're put up to the test of killing, what would you do? Would you freeze and not be able to move? Run away and cower before the fact that Death owns you and you fear it. No. What you do is you train your power and get yourself stronger to the point where you will not die. To train your power and become so strong where no one can defeat you... not even Death. Even though i doubt you'd agree with me, your comments only show the fact that when you turn into a hollow, all you can think of is hate and your chance of survival. You know nothing of the real world. To survive is living with yourself knowing that you can stay the way you are and be overcome with joy that you have a life to live. Your way of survival is simply killing and killing without even notice of what is happening. Then his eyes lazily drooped as he calmed down and went to his former self. Naturally he was a happy person that didn't have the time to make heartfelt speeches. Thomas guessed it was because of the tension in the air and the want to speak of his opinions to the opponent that stood before him. It wasn't because the espada's opinions mattered to him.

It was just that he liked for his opponent to understand why they would die. To understand why you would die would create peace within your soul... even within a hollow. Although this hollow seemed to not want to understand. The kind of hollow that would eat and kill to become gillian then adjuchas then to vasto lorde. Then somehow along the road they become arrancar. Yet it was quite disturbing to Thomas. The hollow had no right to use the shinigami's power. They had no right to make themselves more powerful by taking the power of the race they hated. Even though there was shinigami that ventured across the border and became vaizard by combining their power with the hollows. But it was no power of Thomas Welbourne. He would destroy the espada before him with his shinigami powers and with his shinigami powers alone. Sliding his foot forward, he was about to take off and do battle when the espada decided to speak again. Stopping himself without showing any signs of being suprised or any signs of getting ready to fight, he stayed in his position listening to the arrancar. Grinning, he sighed and stood up with his zanpacktou pointed at the ground. You almost amuse me arrancar. You act as if your are so much better than the shinigami when you have taken our power to make yourself stronger.

Having been in a battle position for a while, he relaxed his muscles and once again spoke to the espada. I try not to ramble on when there should be a battle but what is the point of you acting as if your so much better? Are you trying to make me angry? Acting as if i'll become filled with rage and want to burst out and kill you with only Death and Murder as my first approach? If you wish, i'll return to my former self. Even though my former self likes to have fun while i only want to kill you and get on with the day. Yet my fun self tends to get carried away in the battle. Good luck with that! Something that looks like smiling, Thomas lifted his sword somewhat and got back into his former battle position. I honestly hope that he stops talking and we can get a move on with the battle, making speeches will only delay my getting back to the Soul Society sooner. Although if i ever get the chance, after this battle i'm going to get more sake. The sake i have in my pocket isn't enough to get out the stress from fighting with an espada. Not nearly enough... yet why do i feel that is the only thing i have in common with this arrancar. We both like sake. Many like sake, and it's a very satisfying drink at the end of the day for shinigami. I guess it's popular everywhere, even for the arrancar.

As the espada questioned the question that he had asked. It was somewhat right on track. It was a custom for the shinigami to know the names of the one they battle. It wasn't just that but it was to be able to know who you would kill or the name of the one that kills you. About to speak of what he was just thinking... he spoke. Then he learned of what the espada's name was. "Benhimes Vincitore" A not so usual name. Never in his life had he met a Vincitore. Yet he doubted that someone would ever know his name from someone else. Ah, a custom it is actually. You see, for me, i've learned that it would be rude to not tell your name to the one you would kill. To that fact. I shall reveal my name to you using this custom. His smile turning to a grin, his eyes shined and a light wind came and brushed along his hair and shinigami uniform. Also making his captains haori being swept up from the wind. Yet it didn't come off, it was just like his hair. Tilting his head to the side as if he was mimicking "Vincitore", his eyes briefly closed and opened in less than a second. My name is Thomas Welbourne, 6th Division Captain of the thirteen court guard squads. But you can call me Thomas. Then the moon began to rise from it's prison during the day. The night began to show and from the moonlight... his eyes actually shined brighter. The excitment that would soon show from this battle would be great.

Even though it would all soon be over as he would kill Vincitore as he had killed countless other opponents in his lifetime. He had actually gone to an emotionless expression after what he had said but it seemed that the next comment of Vinictore made him grin again. Don't worry, I'll be the one that lives after this battle... Vincitore. Jumping forward, he performed a flash step and appeared behind Vinictore in a "flash". With his zanpacktou raised, the blade shined along with his eyes after being showered in moonlight. Slashing downwards, he applied enough force to cut through the espada's heirro and make a large gash down the espada's back. Which would only happen if Vincitore was stupid and weak enough to not block or at least dodge. Without breaking a sweat, the time for talking was over in a snap. From his speeches to suddenly appearing behind Vincitore with his zanpacktou raised. The downward slash could cause much pain and possibly prove Thomas's point. He would win no matter what the cost. Even if the cost meant severe damage to his body. That was his duty as a member of the thirteen court guard squads and as the Captain of the sixth division. He wouldn't flee or cry from being hit. He would win and kill the espada known as Vincitore and go home the victor.

C'mon Vincitore, show me what ya got!!!

~!*The clock starts to move again, and the pendulum resets....Begin*!~

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Bump of Completion!!! :3
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Blah Blah Blah. APPROVED Betch. Add thy information into thy character sheet, pleases.

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Shinsei Kakumei
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