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 Satoshi: Quincy Leader. Hopefully...

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PostSubject: Satoshi: Quincy Leader. Hopefully...   Sat 03 Oct 2009, 8:01 pm

Quincy Template

~!*We all have a persona*!~

Name: Satoshi Tenshi

Age: 20

Gender: Male

BirthDate: March 3, 2080 [I think the time is 2100 right?]

Personality:He's quite arrogant when he speaks. it all comes from the slight insecurities he has burried deep inside from harassment from his father. To cope with his parent's harrassment, he became slightly barricaded from others. His personality is confident, even when he isn't sure of the outcome. He is stern with others when it is required. He is quiet a lot of the time...when he feels nothing needs to be said.

Appearance: Satoshi stands at 5'10'' and had a slightly muscular build as he is physically active. He maintains his shape through the training of his abilities almost constantly and using them in battle...whether for practice, or to kill. His eyes are brown, like the soil of the earth and match his dark brown colored hair that is always cut so that it reamins out of his way. He has smooth skin which is odd for someone his age, not even having the slightest bit of stubble, but still maintaining a manly appearance. He is usually dressed casually, wearing a white buttoned up shirt, leaving the first two unbottoned. He usually wears black slacks and sometimes a black blazer or some other type of jacket.

~!*That exploits the burdened weight that lay hidden within*!~

Extras, but not mandatory;:



Hair:Soil Brown

Eyes:Same as hair

Nicknames: Sato-kun, Mr. Angel,etc.

Likes: (AT LEAST 5)

  • Wine
  • A Good Book
  • Peace and Quiet
  • Companionship/ Friends
  • His Heritage/Legacy

Dislikes: (AT LEAST 5 )

  • Any that attempt to dishonor or disrespect the Quincy
  • Meats
  • Dumbasses

*Couldn't think of anymore at the time

Habits/quirks: (3-5 )

~!*Just as time halts to a stand-still*!~
Satoshi at this time is only 20. He is a strong Quincy and recognized through his race for his accomplishments. He's moderately happy, having some friends and lives alone. But this is far ahead...all the way up to Current Days...Though he has only lived for 20 years, he has suffered from a brutal past that he tries to supress on a daily basis..

Thirteen years ago....Satoshi lived with his parents, Maiko and Kizuki. They all appeared to be a happy family, though they struggled every day just to maintain there own lives. Maiko was a stay at home mother, watching Satoshi when he came back from school in the early afternoons and his younger brother, Roku, who was only two years old at the time. His father, Kizuki was a coal mine worker, struggling through the days of hard work only to receive a low wage almost incapable of supporting a family with. His job was rough, harsh, and dangerous. Through his days of work, he had lost two of his fingers in an accident and the thick smoke created by the dirt and coal had damaged his lungs, giving him bronchitis after the years of buildup in his lungs. Both children were perfectly healthy, just like their mother times.

Maiko had it rough. She would stay at home watching the children all day and cleaning the house. Dinner was expected to be ready to eat at the moment his Father walked in the door from his grueling job. Only few times were there when dinner was imcomplete and/or not made at all. Maiko suffered for it greatly. Kizuki would beat her with his bare fists, giving her bruises and sometimes broken bones. The reason no one had ever found out about this bad relationship is because the children were scared, too young to comprehend what was happening.

The years went on and on and Satoshi was finally in his last year ofmiddle school at only fourteen years of age. He was a somewhat depressed young man. His brother was just becoming a middle school student this year and their mother still staying at home. Kizuki still worked at the factory, working in a somewhat higher position. It just so happened that this day, Kizuki came home late. It seemed that he had been to a party after work and came in the house at midnight. Maiko was furious. She loved Kizuki dearly even though she didn't receive the correct treatment. She yelled at him about how worried she had been and how her kids needed a father to be there for them. Kizuki's response is probably obvious.

Kizuki took great offense to her words and the alcohol didn't make it any better. He gripped her by the neck, holding on as tight as he could. Satoshi and his brother were upstairs in bed, sleeping until the fight first began. They heard their mother's rage, something they never heard from her before. Then they hears her scream and glass breaking downstairs. Both children hopped to their feet with a speed and determination like none other. They creeped down the stairway, and the youngest brother tripped over the last. Kizuki was so intoxicated, he hadn't even realized his own actions. He quickly pulled out a pistol, hidden in his jacket pocket and aimed it towards the younger boy. The mother screamed in fear and through a Motherly instinct, grabbed a knife off of the counter. She stabbed the father in his stomach. He began to cough up blood, but as the mother ran to her children, he shot her in the back three times. He chuckled through his pain as she screamed her last words out. "Run, my babies!!! Run!!!". Satoshi helped up his brother and his father aimed the pistol at an incredibly fast rate and in their direction. Kizuki repulled the trigger and shot again...and again, hitting Satoshi once in the right arm andin the stomach as he reached for his younger brother. He fell to the ground in pain and his body started to get colder. He could feel himself slipping into a state of sleep as he heard four more shots being fired."Saaaaaatooooshhiiiii-" The scream was cut short as the last four balls hit the brother twice in the chest, once in the neck and the last hitting his stomach, putting him to the ground as the father pulled out the knife in his stomach. He struggled to the front door, collapsing before he could finally open it. Ninja could be heard circling the house and finally breaking through the windows. The police and ambulance were too late. Kizuki died from too many blood loss. Maiko was also dead, taking the three stabs in the back. She choked on her own blood as it filled her lungs. The only two still left alive were Satoshi and his younger brother,Roku. Satoshi still had a pretty strong heartbeat while his brother's was fainter. The medic ninja rushed into the house after the police inspected the situation. They diagnosed the mother and father as deceased and rushed the two brothers to the hospital, where he dreamed for a while.

Satoshi awoke to a world of white, where nothing existed, yet everything was there. He couldn't fully comprehend it, nor did he try to. He slowly stood to his feet, observing the white world. Satoshi frowned. " everything?". Just as soon as he said those words, he seemed to be sliding through the dimension, rippling in time. The world around him began to swirl in colors as he was now back in his home. He was sitting on his bed, wide awake. He then remembered what had just happened and rushed downstairs. He saw his father standing there, laughing maniacally. There was more than one of him, one with a knife pointed to his mother, and one with a knife pointed to his brother. "Come on Satoshi! Stop us!!", both Kizuki's spoke in unison. Satoshi screamed out and ran to them, but was too late. Each Kizuki stabbed their tagets directly in the head in the temples, killing them basically instantaneously. All Satoshi could do was scream. But something happened, something soothing. His mother and Brother's spirits rose from the dead bodies and the Kizuki's both seemes to disentigrate in thin air from the bright white light that surrounded the spirits. The spirits hovered around Satoshi and spiraled around him towards the sky. As they rose, so did the worls. It became white again and he was just standing there.......reaching to the sky and tears rolling down his face."Mother....Brother...."

Satoshi's eyes slipped open and the world became known to his body once more. He lifted his head and a nurse had been standing to the side of his bed checking some bloodwork. " You're awake?! I'm so finally woke up after a year of being in a coma". Satoshi didn't understand. He had been asleep for a WHOLE year?! He looked around and tried to stand to his feet. He wanted to know....where is my family. He looked around and as he stood to his feet, he wobbled. The nurse caught him, noticing he was searching for something. It was quite obvious, if his memory was in tact. "Your want to see them...I'm sorry Satoshi..I'm so sorry.". It was obvious to Satoshi that the news wasn't good. His mother, father,......and even brother had passed from this world. He was alone..Once he found this out, he bust out in tears, and the nurse hugged him for comfort as a few tears slipped down her own face. She knew all about his family's situation, like most of the city. The news had shown the tradgedy for days all around the country.

Years later, Satoshi continued to work hard, regaining his leg and arm strngth and multiplying it. He was a star among the students at his school. It was odd because he wasn't very talkative or out there, but people seemed to just cling to him. He was leader of a club and a very active sports player. Satoshi was THE person that everyone wanted to be, but couldn't. He was even nicknamed by the a few friends as "Mr. Renaissance"(spelling?). He was good at everything he did, though the tragedy caused him to become a little more closed in. Satoshi loved being in school though...just to be in the presence of some people because shen Satoshi went home, there was no one there for him. Though he was alone, it was exactly what he needed because after a couple more years, it would be his years of solitude and traning that made him realize and awaken the true potential sleeping within him.

Role-Play Sample:

~!*The clock starts to move again, and the pendulum resets....Begin*!~
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PostSubject: Re: Satoshi: Quincy Leader. Hopefully...   Tue 06 Oct 2009, 12:55 am

Done. Hopefully, I don't need an RP sample because it'll just be the same as ODa's.
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PostSubject: Re: Satoshi: Quincy Leader. Hopefully...   Tue 06 Oct 2009, 5:04 am

Approved. We'll be lucky to even get any Quincy at all, much less a leader. Regardless, you get the job. I doubt anyone else will want it anyway. Generate your character sheet, and you're good to go.

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PostSubject: Re: Satoshi: Quincy Leader. Hopefully...   

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Satoshi: Quincy Leader. Hopefully...
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