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 Micalumbre - Monkey Flame (not done)

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PostSubject: Micalumbre - Monkey Flame (not done)   Mon 22 Jun 2009, 2:40 pm

Name of Res: Micalumbre - Monkey Flame

Sealed Zanpaktou description: x2

Command Phrase: Ignite, Micalmubre! (When released a small tonardo of fire consumes Destios and dispels after transformation is complete)

Family: Fire/ Lava

Resurreccion Description:

Ultimate Ability/Attack: Incinerar (Incinerate) - Incinear is the Ultimate Attack of Destios Okana in which he does usually as a last resort due to the fact it requires quite a bit of energy. Destios ,in his Ress form, will jump up into the air and curl up into a ball. Flames will then surround Destios and form a ball of fire. This ball will continue to grow until it becomes 20" Tall and 25" Long. Destios will then push his arms and legs out and the ball will explode and burn everything in 30 foot Radius to ashes with 1000 degree Flames. While in the ball no attacks can harm Destios, not even the water or ice element.

Techniques: Rueda de Fuego ( Wheel of Fire) - Rueda de Fuego is a simple technique
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Micalumbre - Monkey Flame (not done)
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