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 Okana Destios (not done )

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PostSubject: Okana Destios (not done )   Mon 22 Jun 2009, 2:40 pm


Name: Okana Destios

Description: Destios is about 5"7 and weighs about 125 pounds. He has messy, untamed red hair that reaches his lower back. He has golden brown eyes.

Visual Age: 14-16

Actual Age: 446

Class of Arrancar: Adjuchas



*Note, here's the word requirements for the hollow class arrancar in your history.100-399 for Gillian,400-999 Adjuchas,2000 and up Vasto. Make the history good and believeable.Only Espada 1-3, Cero, and the arrancar leaders will be Vasto or their equilvalent. To be Espada 9-7, have an RP sample of 300. Espada 6-4 will be 600. Espada 3-1 will be 950 words. Cero will have to be 1k. Arrancar tamers will be 2k*
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Okana Destios (not done )
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