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 Read this Before making your App

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PostSubject: Read this Before making your App   Mon 22 Jun 2009, 4:07 am

A LOT of people have not been adding the bit about Ragnarok, So, Im going to post the plot here, and the bold part is about what Ragnarok is. So please, pay attention to this.

    In a world of chaos..just 30 years after the original storyline, an alternative one occured. Aizen had successfully destroyed the captains of the Gotei 13 along with most of Soul Society. Villains and hollows run free there now..but at the cost of Aizen's life. Now..a new hope have emerged from the depths of darkness that shined brighter than any other light in existence. An underground group called "Ragnarok" was born in a hidden haven beneath Central 46. They had squads just like the Gotei 13, but only the name itself changed. Ragnarok was a story of the destruction of the gods, so the name had one meaning to it:To end the lives of the gods that took over Soul other words, the arrancar.

    They closely resembled the Gotei 13..but they were ex-renegade shinigami, in other words: some of them were vaizards and others were ex shinigami convicts that were wrongfully accused of crimes. This new group plans to liberate Soul Society from the hollows and Arrancar along with any other shinigami who aided the invasion of the Soul World. As of now, a new Espada have also emerged and caused total destruction and run most of Soul Society.

    This is the rest of the story.
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Read this Before making your App
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