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 Kenji Kouen

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PostSubject: Kenji Kouen   Fri 19 Jun 2009, 10:32 pm

Name: Kenji Kouen[Sacred Flame]


Release Phrase: Release Phrase: "Scorch, Kenji Kouen!"

Family: Fire

Level: Bankai

Sealed Zanpaktou:


Shikai Ability: Once released, Kenji Kouen heats up and burns at three-hundred and fifty degrees farenheit. The blade also gains a notable red tint around it. This tint is in response to Kenji Kouen's temperature.

Bankai: Bankai Name: Kinmotsu Kenji Kouen[Forbidden Sacred Flame] Upon releasing Bankai, Kenji Kouen's blade changes to a blade of flames(Yes, this means the blade is made of fire), only the hilt remains normal, giving Hisoka a handle to grasp to swing his blade of flames.

Hisoka's physical appearance also changes upon releasing his Bankai: His Shinigami robes and Captain's Haori invert in color, the Shinigami robes becoming white while the Captain's Haori becomes black with white text on the back. His body, as well as his clothes, gain a red glow, showing that he is truly intune with Kenji Kouen when in his Bankai state.

Bankai Ability: (Due to Hisoka's blade changing completely to flames, comes the obvious increase in temperature(Now being roughly 750ºF).) Hisoka gains to ability to seperate the flames from the hilt. Leaving a blade hilt behind but giving Hisoka complete manipulation of the flames that had left the hilt. This can be used for both defensive and offensive purposes, and Hisoka can reconnect the flames at any time.

Kaen[Blaze] *Shikai*: By channelling reiatsu into Kenji Kouen, Hisoka can release a small, condensed beam of fire from the tip of the blade. Being as small as a Byakurai, this attack is very easily dodged, but if connected it could be deadly. Being as condensed and tiny as it is, this beam of fire can move at a moderate pace(30 MPH), and if succesfully used, it can easily pierce through the body of an opponnet then keep traveling. Once it connects, however, the heat of the flames rush into the wound made by the beam, causing internal burning to the victim. In Bankai, the beam changes to being made of lava, and the speed greatly increases(now being 150 MPH). This speed increasage increases the difficulty to dodge. One would only have a small 'window' of opprutunity to react. With the beam changing to lava comes to obvious increasage of damage from the internal burns. Now being 2nd-3rd degree.

Bakuhatsu[Eruption] *Shikai*: By focusing reiatsu into Kenji Kouen, then causing it to 'explode' the blade of Kenji Kouen ignites in flames. These flames, however, vanish almost as soon as they appear. The flames receed from the blade and up Hisoka's arm. Almost as instantly as the flames touch Hisoka's hand, they engulf his whole body. Then, by performing the same action as before and making his reiatsu 'explode' with him, these flames burst violently out from his body, engulfing anything within a twelve yard radius. [Takes one post to charge/prepare] Upon entering Bankai, this technique has been referred to as 'Makai's Bakuhatsu'[Hell's Eruption]. To utilize this technique, Hisoka must stab his Zanpaktou into the ground and channel his reiatsu through it, and into the depths of the ground. After a few seconds of channeling his reiatsu(1 post), the ground will begin to shake and a circle will appear carved into the ground in a fifty mile radius, Hisoka being the center of the circle. Within those few seconds, Hisoka uses the time he has now to escape the confines of the circle. By the time Hisoka escapes the circle(Which took up the same post as the ground shaking), lava will erupt straigh up from within the circle, engulfing anything unfortunate enough to have been left within the circle. [To make it more simple, there is a two post charge on this technique.]

Sanka[Oxidation] *Shikai*: Hisoka must charge for three turns while released. Once done, he releases an excessive amount of reiatsu over his zanpaktou. Whatever fire he makes using his zanpaktou will make a special type of fire that uses his reiatsu as an oxidizer instead of the air around it. Since the air is used to constantly feed the fire, his reiatsu will be what keeps the fire alive. However, because this fire was made from Hisoka's zanpaktou, the reiatsu fed into it will go into a continuous cycle to prevent the fire from being deprived of spiritual energy and Hisoka from being exhausted from maintaning the fire. The fuel for the power is the reiryoku used to make the spark or to ignite the fire with the zanpaktou, so therefor Hisoka's spiritual energy acts as the oxidizer and the fuel of the fire he creates with the only weakness being water of severely cooler temperature. This technique remains active as along as Kenji Kouen is released. This technique receives no boost upon the release of Bankai.

Anything placed in brackets beside the name of a technique is its English translation.]
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Kenji Kouen
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