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 Shinji Takanashi

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PostSubject: Shinji Takanashi   Fri 19 Jun 2009, 5:21 pm


Name:Shinji Takanashi

Visual Age:16

Real Age:420



Personality:Shinji the ladies man! A great gentlemen to women and a very nice and powerful person. Shinji is a very serious person when it gets to fights. Shinji hates arrancars they are very rude he says. Shinji is also very shy when it comes to love. Girls like him and he is nice to em but they will chase him! Shinji is sorta hard to explain. His movies! Well you can tell a lot from people about what type of movies they like. Shinji loves action drama and comedy. So you can tell he likes action and dramatic stuff and a lot of hilarious jokes!

History: Age 1-12

Shinji was born into the Takanashi family. Strangely his parents abandoned him in a beat down old apartment that looked like tons of gangs had tagged it. Shinji was adopted by two people that we dont really halfto name. Shinji went to elementary school for a long time. He became top of his class. So Shinji had a lot of friends and was very smart! Then when he got into 5th grade he got his first date! Her name was Sakura. She was a very cute girl and smart to. Shinji loved her very much and they kept dating ti'll the 6th grade.

Sakura's Death

Sakura one day was walking home from school. It was one year after Shinji and her were in elementary. They were in 7th grade. So back to the story Sakura was walking home from school. When out came Shinji and suprised her! She looked amused. Shinji and her ended up kissing. So they kept kissing and kissing. They were under an apple tree. Sadly their middleschool was in a gang neighborhood. Up came the local gang. They kidnapped Sakura. Shinji was determined to get her back. When he was breaking into the van they had her in Sakura was shot. Right in the head. Instantly she was dead.

Shinji's battle.

Shinji was mad at the gang. He wept for nights and nights until he got an idea. He would show them a lesson. He organized all his friends they're were 6 of them all together and 10 gang members. They had a fight with knives and fists. Shinji was fighting with the leader. When suddenly the leader popped out a gun shot all his friends. 2 survived.

Shinji joins the Yakuza clan (An underground Japanese Mafia)

Shinji was 14 now. He was older and wiser but still he had a hate for mostly everything. Until his friend told him about the Yakuza clan. The underground gangs in Japan. So he developed one in Karakura town.

Shinji dies!

Shinji was the deadly leader of the karakura Yakuza clan. One night the rival newbies from america were in Japan. Yakuza and Mafia were going to meet to develope a certain agreement. When suddenly during the meeting Shinji was shot in the neck.

Shinji 6th division

Shinji was immediatly found (soul) and sent to SS. There he joined the 6th division. Sadly these soul reapers experimented on him. Thats how he got his hollow.

Shinji becomes a vizard!

Shinji liked the idea of a hollow person. He was noticed by the vizards. He ran away from SS and became a vizard. Now Shinji will face new challenges and adventures!
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Shinji Takanashi
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