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 Chimera (Artemis' Weapon)

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PostSubject: Chimera (Artemis' Weapon)   Fri 19 Jun 2009, 6:19 am

Name of Quincy Cross: Chimera

Description of the cross: The cross itself is literally embedded into his left wrist, beneath the skin. Were one to remove it, though, they would see a silver cross, with four branches reaching from the center, a square cut topaz, set into the metal. Each branch is exactly one half inch in length, from the tip to the gem, and ends in a rounded square shape.

Description of the Bow: As the mythical creature, the chimera, is a blend of different creatures, Artemis' bow is also comprised of different parts. There are thee forms to the weapon, two components, and one composition.

----------------- Leo Revolver: Leo is the main component of Chimera, and the one Artemis is most familiar with. This bow has eight limbs, one foot in length, connected at the base to a ring around Artemis' wrist. The ring sits within a lion's mane, which is rooted into its respective head. The lion devours Artemis' left hand, bearing its teeth at the enemy. As the bow fires, the limbs rotate around the ring, counter clockwise, each limb notching one bolt before spinning to the next, much like a revolver's cylinder. While the lion's head and the limbs seem to be made of solid material, the mane is made of golden spirit particles, flowing past the limbs, and reaching toward his elbow. Though they do pass through the limbs, they do not interfere with firing. (Leo can fire up to eight bolts per post, at very maximum.)

----------------- Fafnir: Fafnir, in terms of sheer power, is the strongest of Chimera's forms. Artemis, however, is not as used to it's slower speed, and doesn't choose to use it often. The bow takes the form of a golden snake, the head of which devours his left hand, much like the lion. The mouth, however, is open, and showcasing its fangs, which curl between Artemis' fingers. The serpent's tail wraps around his arm, ending the spiral halfway up his bicep. The snake is made entirely of golden energy. (Fafnir can fire once every two posts.)

----------------- Chimera Complete: Complete is the joining of the two halves of Leo and Fafnir. The lion's head stands in the forefront, its closed jaw encasing Artemis' hand, and the golden main flows freely. However, from the ring on the wrist, sprouts the serpent's tail, coiling itself around his arm. Leo's limbs are replaced by four bat-like wings, two pair, perpendicular to one another, each spanning one meter from tip to tip. As with the limbs, the wings also rotate with each shot. (Complete can fire four times per post.)

(Transferring between forms takes time. From Leo to Fafnir, or vise verse: 1 full post. From either to Complete: 2 full posts. Cannot start combat with Complete.)

Description of firing rate and power: With different forms, there are different methods of firing.

--- Leo: Leo fires thin, nearly cylindrical, golden bolts. Rather than each end being flat, like a cylinder, however, each end comes to a point. At it's thickest point, the bolt is no larger than a quarter's diameter. Each bolt carries the strength of a 9mm slug.

--- Fafnir: Fafnir does not require an arrow to be pulled back and released, but acts more as a cannon. Artemis braces the firing arm with his right hand, staying the consequence of breaking his own arm from the kick back. The serpent fires a beam of golden energy, the diameter of a basketball. This beam holds a force equivalent to one and a half Cero.

--- Complete: Complete fires bolts, much like Leo, but larger, having roughly the same diameter as an average, adult, male's fist. Each bolt hits with a force comparable to an Arrancar's Bala.


Name: Puppet Master
Description: Through a bit of clever thinking, and specialized training, Artemis has fashioned another way to use Ransotengai. If one can use spirit threads to move and control their own body, why can't it be true for manipulating other things as well. Artemis has learned how to modify the technique and allow himself to control objects other than himself. Though, he's found that he can only do so with inanimate objects, so far.

(The way this works: The object must be in sight, and no more than thirty meters away. The amount of time the object can be controlled depends on its mass.
IE: Pencil: Can be manipulated for thirty posts.
Two Cinder Blocks: Can be manipulated for fifteen.
Steel girder: Can be manipulated for five posts.
The maximum mass he can manipulate is 2000lb.
After use of object has reached its max allotted posts, there is a cool down of seven posts. This cool down amount does not change, no matter the object being manipulated.)

Name: Threads of Fate
Description: With this technique, Artemis uses spirit threads as a weapon. By sharpening one end of a thread, he is able to generate an effect that is similar to a needle with thread. He then sends these needles at the target, their golden threads trailing behind them. They aren't too damaging on their own, but the strings attached to them can be used to bind the target, restricting their movement or, with enough threads, halting it completely.

(Only ten threads may be used at a time, with a cooldown of three posts. Additional threads may be added, at the cost of one more cooldown post per one additional thread.)

Name: Golden Barricade
Description: In the process of forming ammunition for the bow, a Quincy gathers spirit particles from their surroundings. Artemis took that concept, and twisted it, allowing himself to generate large shields, made completely of spirit particles. They are quite dense, and capable of defending against even an Espada's Cero. However, the larger the shield gets, the less stable it becomes. To be effective, it cannot be any larger than five square feet.

(Can generate five shields, before a five post cooldown.)
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Chimera (Artemis' Weapon)
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