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 Shikai's Rez

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PostSubject: Shikai's Rez   Fri 12 Jun 2009, 6:46 pm

Name of Res: Perro Guardián (Watchdog)

Represent: Akita


Sealed Zanpaktou description:

Command Phrase: Snap at intruders,

Resurreccion Description: What does your char look like when hollow powers are released? Don't add any powers here.

Ultimate Ability/Attack: What is your arrancar's most powerful attack or ability? Don't GM with this. An Espada may have two ultimate abilities.


1-99 points: 3 techs
100-199: 4 techs
200-299: 5 techs
300-399: 6 techs.... and so on and so fourth... you can add more techs as your posts goes up.
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Shikai's Rez
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