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 [Zeth's Zanpakto] Gitouenkou

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PostSubject: [Zeth's Zanpakto] Gitouenkou   Thu 11 Jun 2009, 4:25 pm

Zanpaktou name: Gitouenkou (Ceremonial Sword of Flame) [Nicknamed 'Enkou']

Description of Zanpaktou's world: Pretty much a Nile River setting during the time of the Pharaohs, though there is a volcano near the water's edge, where Enkou often dwells.

Description of manifestation:

Level: Bankai [Depends on if my Profile is accepted, if not, I'll change it.]

Family: Fire

Sealed Description: Zeth's sealed zanpakto is a katana about 2'4" in length, the handle wound with black thread, then a bronze cap on the end of the handle, a kanji meaning 'flame' on both sides. The zanpakto has no guard, which makes it more useful for parrying, not blocking.

Shikai Description: The guard and hilt are both crimson red. The actual blade of the sword is made from only fire, but an outline of a normal sword can be seen in the flames. The blade is PHYSICAL, so the fire that makes up the blade can't be passed through like with normal fire.

Shikai ability: Gitouenkou continues burning almost all the time by using the oxygen in the air, so it is able to create more flames from the blade at anytime as long as there's oxygen. The fire created is potent, so it can cause first- to second- degree burns. In addition, Gitouenkou can manipulate any flames that are within fifty yard radius to a certain degree (Mostly just basic movement or adjusting the flames intensity). Lastly, it can be hard for those close to Gitouenkou to breathe, so there is a failsafe where Zeth is able to stop Gitouenkou from burning, which causes no blade to exist as long as the flame is put out.

Bankai Name: Gitouenkou: Nenshou Shikaku (Ceremonial Sword of Flame: Burning Assassin)

Bankai Description: Upon releasing Bankai, Zeth becomes clothed in dark-crimson and black Arabian clothing and bandages, ornamented with similar charms from Gitouenkou’s manifestation. The bandages also take on flame-like appearances on the ends that hang away from Zeth. In addition, steel blades appear extending from Zeth’s forearms, forelegs, and shoulders, flames float about Zeth, gathering mainly around his feet, hands, and shoulders, and Zeth’s head becomes wrapped in cloth similar to his Arabian appearance, as well as a cloth cowl covering his lower face. Lastly, Zeth now has two swords similar to his Shikai; only the outlines of the blades are more curved than the original and they are somewhat shorter.

Bankai Ability: With his Bankai, Zeth’s speed increases tremendously, due to the flames around him decreasing his drag by heating the air around him. The amount of manipulation that Zeth can do to fire also increases greatly, allowing more potent ways of using fire to his advantage, which ranges from starting large fires with only a small spark, to extinguishing fires with backfire. Lastly, Zeth can use increase the intensity and heat of fire (up to almost immediate third-degree burns on contact intensity) and the particles inside it, allowing Zeth to form the fourth state of matter, plasma, and control it when it emerges.

Inferuno [Inferno] (Shikai/Bankai):
-Shikai: Swinging Gitouenkou to the side, Zeth creates a mass of flame in an area extending up to seventy yards in radius, allowing him to manipulate it for his own attacks. The fire is intense enough to create first- to second- degree burns. The inferno also creates a large amount of smoke, which makes it hard to breathe for anyone in the area. By manipulating the flames, Zeth can prevent the smoke engulfing him so that only his opponents are affected.
Charge Time: n/a
Duration: 10
Cooldown: 5
-Bankai: In Bankai, Zeth’s Inferuno ability becomes much more powerful, increasing both the area the inferno can engulf and the range of the technique, the intensity of the fire to create third-degree burns, and the amount of smoke the inferno creates. Thanks to Zeth’s mask though, he can move within the smoke more easily than he could in Shikai.
Charge Time: n/a
Duration: 12
Cooldown: 6

Kyuuzou [Explosion] (Shikai/Bankai):
-Shikai: By using Gitouenkou’s ability to control flames, Zeth focuses the fire in the area into a small point within a twenty-five yard radius. After condensing the fire to about the size of a baseball, the temperature rises as a result, becoming more and more dangerous after every second. After reaching a critical level, Zeth allows the fire to expand, creating an explosion as potent as a pound of TNT, expanding to about fifteen yards in diameter. The explosion can make serious burns depending on how close someone is to the blast.
Charge Time: 1
Cooldown: 3
-Bankai: In Bankai, Zeth can create more intense explosions, having the potency of C-4 grade explosions. In addition to that, Zeth can create more than one ‘bomb’ at once (Max. 3), though this take more time to do and it takes more time to recharge the energy required to start using Kyuuzou again.
Charge Time: 1 min., 3 max. (Takes an extra turn for every ‘bomb’ to be created)
Cooldown: 3 min., 5 max. (Takes an extra turn for every ‘bomb’ created)

Third tech. yet to be created...
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[Zeth's Zanpakto] Gitouenkou
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