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 A Shadow in the Dark

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PostSubject: A Shadow in the Dark   Thu 04 Jun 2009, 10:41 am


Name: Leonel 'Leon' Juanette

standing at 6"1, with a semi muscular Physique, Leon has an athletic built, and a handsome face. Long Hair, falling over his broad Shoulders. His hair was originally colored Jet Black. He has colored it with many different ones, main being dull blue, brownish red, and light dull green. A white and green jacket with fur linning of a style very different from what was worn by the preceding Espada. The Arrancar Hole is present in the middle of his chest, near to the next. His number, appears on his back, just below his Neck, concealed by his Jacket, extending down his spine. He weighs around 67Kgs.
He wears brown pants, and a green sweatshirt type vest under the jacket, and another white one below that. The green vest has a well concealed, and has sleeves, but the white one doesn't. It is sleeveless. He also wears white gloves. His mask is at a place below his chin[like starks, both in placement and appearance].

Visual Age: 23

Class of Arrancar: Vasto Lorde

Personality: Unenthusiastic, aloof, kind of proud, Blunt, Sarcastic, Dispassionate, calm, composed, analytical, apathetic, at time caring, and Peaceful, not to mention Independent and a strange kind of gentle and relaxed aura that radiates from him. These are the traits that describe Leon. Going at it Piece by piece, we first arrive at his Unenthusiastic, Dispassionate and aloof nature, that finds its roots in the fact that he was never a very loud person to begin with. He does not react to most situations, the way you would expect an Arrancar to. Basically, he's aloof because he doesn't care enough to actually communicate. This is also why, among the Arrancar, he is the most peaceful. He does not hate fighting, but he simply does not wish to engage in combat, which he feels is an unnecessary waste of energy, but nevertheless, if he is threatened, or orders to, he will fight.
The second part of his personality, Pride, Apathy and a very rarely exhibited caring side. This part of his personality dwells from his time as a Living being. The truth being that at a time, he was quite hot-headed, rash, and more of a physical Being, resorting to his Fists every time he got into trouble. Strangely enough, he lost those characteristics, but retained one. That was, that if he ever did find something or someone, interesting, he would begin to take a protective approach, and would sometimes get a bit carried away. Perhaps this most dominant trait was one that his personality, even after becoming an Arrancar, did not loose, but his dispassionate nature, lessened its intensity. This also may be the reason, why a very relaxed and gentle aura radiates from him. He is the kind of person, whose presence will make you feel safe, or at the very least, he won't feel at all dangerous. But that is a big mistake, on anyones part.
He is also independent, Blunt, and Sarcastic. While one may think that these traits have no relation whatsoever, his personality is such that, it is his independence that makes him Blunt and Sarcastic. He is the type of person, who does not go around asking for company, but he does not hate it either. But at certain times people force their presence on him. Thus, he behaves in Blunt and Sarcastic manner when they tend to get in his way, or slow him down. This has become somewhat of a habit for him, and thus, become part of his nature.
Finally, we come to this chunk of his personality, his calm, composed, analytical nature. This is a a trait that developed in him, with the passage of time. He experienced and he learnt that the best way to deal with a situation is to not loose your cool, and simply analyse you options and pick the best one. While being impulsive is not one of the things he dose voluntarily, but his Primal senses are sharp in this regard. That combined with his intellect make him a danger to anyone opposing him.

History: Born to a Japanese Mother and a Spanish Father, Leonel Inherited his mothers face but his fathers body. He was tall and athletic, his skin was white and he was quite good looking. Raised in Spain for the earlier part of his life, upto 8 that is, he was quite fluent with Spanish, which aided him a lot in his life. He didn't have many friends in Japan, since he was just a kid and he was a bit different, from the rest. So he was mostly alone, and obviously did not take to it well, for he was quite hot-headed and rash in his younger days. Soon enough, as one would expect from a man suffering from TB, he died a very painful death. So his mother left with him, and moved back to Japan, to live with her parents.

Japan was different from Spain. He fit in there, even though he clearly was a bit different, but his facial features were similar to the Japanese and that helped him fit in. While he was still a hot headed punk, who bunked school, got into fights, and even pulled pranks on random people, he was a good person, and always respected the law, knowing where the limit was. He would occasionally help out at some Centre for the needy, or something of sorts. But for the most part, he was a punk, and an intelligent one at that. He was one of the top scorers at his school, so it wasn't really clear in which class of students to categorize him. The teachers hated his behavior, but couldn't complain because it didn't affect his grades.

Graduating School at the age of 17, he moved onto College where he studied Several courses of Criminology, Law, and anything else he could find related to law enforcement. Graduating from the 5 yr Course in just 4, he joined the NPA [National Police Agency]. Yes, it was quite strange that he became part of the NPA, and it was something that surprised everyone, but he had often admitted that he wanted to become a criminologist. Another surprising thing, was the change of attitude that followed, in only 2 yrs after his graduation. He changed from a hot headed, rash and irrational punk, to a more cold, disspationate and unattached man. While he was still quite protective of his family, he lost most of his emotions, and became a hardened man. It was not something he wanted, but something that just happened. Afterall, it takes a lot more than just a gun and a bullet to kill someone. He retained his better qualities like his sense of duty and sense of justice, and that was probably what killed him.

One night... yeah its always a night. Well, can't blame me. Criminals are not stupid. They don't operate in broad daylight. But, for once, it wasn't a stormy night. It was a clear night. Pretty beautiful to be honest. But nothing is perfect, and neither was this night, because it was the night, Leon would die. Now normally, you'd expect that if you told someone, even the Second in Command of the Police Department, that the person they were assigned to deal with, was a mass murderer, who had killed many policemen, then even that Vice would be scared. But not this one. Nope, not him. He had a sense of a duty and a strong sense of pride to go with that, and how was the guy to know, that it was this that would lead to his eventual demise.

The same old story. The is unit deployed to the warehouse, & while the Vice is leading them to the encounter, the chief sits safely behind his desk, rubbing his belly. But this time, there was a bug, or what one can say, a trap. The man who had infiltrated the NPA has provided them with loads of Misinformation, leading them to the trap. Who knew, that this group of brave men, who were about to enter this warehouse, were not going to return. Entering the warehouse, the men decided to sneak around the loads of boxes strangely kept next to the wall, with a small gap between them and the wall, just enough for someone to pass. But on a mission, you're to busy thinking of your objective, to think about such small details. But not this man. From the moment they entered, he knew that they were trapped, but to tell this to his men, and cause panic to reign them, was not his style. Instead, keeping a cool head, he decided to blow his cover, and catch them of guard. Stepping out of the shadows, with two Colts, one in each hand, the shooting began.

The man was a good shot. Got one man with each of his 12 bullets and 8 more with his Automatic, but how many more could he get. Men shooting from everywhere, from the railing above, from the inside the boxes, from every conceivable angle. He could only hit and run for so long. Having lost his entire unit, he knew that he could not escape. One magazine left, and about 20 men, each with Baseball Bats and Sledge Hammers waiting for him, and behind them, his target. Any sane man, would try to make a run for it, or at least, atempt to strike a deal with them, to have his life spared. If not on his own, then maybe when he was offered that choice, he would. But like we have already seen, Leon was no ordinary man. His sense of duty was far to great to let him do that. With that last Magazine, he paced towards his targets, taking out 7 men with his gun, and 6 others with his fists, before finally managing to get a clear shot at him. With his last two Bullets, he attempted to Atleast finish his mission before he went to the void beyond. But it was not as it seemed. The man was a decoy. He was just a diversion. The real one, was hiding behind one of the boxes. He was smiling, like the devil he was, grinning at his victory over the NPA. But little did he know, that he was not dealing with any ordinary being. Spinning around, to take control of one of the henchmens arms, he twisted it like a pretzel, and snathing the Shotgun, he aimed, fired, and killed, only to be shot in the head moments later, but the remaining men. Even though it was at the cost of the entire unit and his own life, he managed to complete his mission.

There were tears over his death, and his name was lodged into that wall in the NPA, but that was all. Time passed, as days turned to weeks, weeks to months and months to years and soon, almost all but his family, forgot the 23yr old Officer who gave up his life for the country, like many others had. They all said that he had gone to a better place, to the world beyond, and all sorts of crap to comfort his family, but what had really taken place that day, was known to no one, but him, who in his spirit form, still roamed the earth. On that day, when his spirit Chain broke, a huge amount of Reitsu was released. It had been the power that had been dormant inside his body, trying to surface through one way or the other, but couldn't. It was only when he left the confines of his human shell, that those powers escaped their musty prison. But what use would they be to him now ? Now, they made him nothing more than a target for Hollows. Even though he was a strong man, what could he do now, but occassionally watch over his family, and try to evade those monstrous beings to the best of his ability.

Death had been both a blessing and a curse to him. They were a blessing because they helped him escape the life he had seemingly come to dread, and it was a curse because as he left that life, he was greeted by a much worse after life, where his soul was constantly under the threat of being eaten. Somehow he had managed to escape, sometimes saved by Shinigami, who so recklessly ignored the presence of another spirit, and sometimes by out running or hiding from the beasts who were to weak to sense his presence.

Again, we will have a time skip, that will take us, to a point, 2 yrs later, where his soul no longer exists as a whole, but a hollow. It happened a month ago. His soul chain finally ran out, and as he looked at the world with his cold eyes trying to remember the last few moments before he transcended to a state of insanity, where he would know nothing more than a lust for souls, and just a few moments before that happened, he looked at the sky and thanked god, if there was one. He thanked him not for the fact that he was able to continue like this for so long, but for the fact, that his grandparents were now dead, and so was his mother, who died of a disease in her mid 40's. He hoped that her soul had transcended because at that moment before he transformed, he realized, what he was going to become.

The arms of the clock turn again, and we are now another year ahead in time, where we see Leon in his Hollow Form. Tall yet not imposing, with a Semi-Muscular body. His wings spread out and his tail behind him, dangling down. His fingers were replaced by fangs and he had become... hideous, as that is the only way to describe a Hollow, if you can see one. But this Hollow was a bit different from the others. It had a massive Spiritual Pressure, almost near the level of a Seated Shinigami, and it had managed to retain its intellect, but a lot of its Rational Sense were replaced by Primal Ones.

As time passed, he lost track of the number of souls he devoured. He had even consumed two Shinigami. He was code-named "Doragone" due to the way his body was shaped and the price on his head was huge. But no real consensus was taken over the issue for their were many Hollows, that posed a far greater threat. So obviously, they stopped Sending Shinigami after him, and decided to concentrate on the bigger ones before they handed the smaller ones. One could say he was lucky, because it was his very decision, to let him be, and try and protect the souls instead of hunting him exclusively. It was this decision, that allowed him to evolve. Having devoured so many hollows, he became what the Shinigami Described as a Menos. While he was only of Gillian Rank, he was one of the rare Menos, that had managed to retain their Individuality. It was his own Personality, that was the Dominant one, and this was what lead to his rather swift Evolution to an Adjucas.

But his journey, was not on to end there. Apparently, his body had regained a more Humanoid Form, but he was a bit Different. His body had wings, though he lacked the tail he possessed as a regular Hollow. His Sharp Claws though, were a formidable weapon along with his Fangs. Hereon, it was all uphill. He was soon the new terror of the Forest of Menos, known as the "Shadow in the Dark" for the way he would kill and the speed with which he executed each kill, was similar to an Assassin, thus his name.
It wasn't long, before he went through another Evolution, and once again, as he stepped forward on the ladder of evolution, his strength increased, going beyond anything he could imagine.

He had finally achieved the power of the Vasto Lordes, but it wasn't going to stop there. The truth was, that unlike many of the Hollows whose aim was to transform into Vasto Lordes, his aim was to transform in to those beings that possessed the powers close to that of a shinigami, and intellect greater than the beasts that surrounded him. He knew what had to be done. One day, when he felt that he had enough power, he took the initiative, and decided to remove his mask. His attempts weren't in vain, for he did manage to remove his mask, and he finally become one of the Arrancar, taking back a form, that is identical to his Human Form. He was soon recruited in the army of Arrancar known as Espada. It is still unknown why someone like him agreed to help the Arrancar, but he is known to be quite obedient and normally does what is asked without to many questions, though he knows when to act independently as well.

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I have already given my Sample, but if required to, i can give a different one for this one as well
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I swear to god that I approved this already...Hmm, oh well. APPROVED
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A Shadow in the Dark
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