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 Sheero ee tatsu

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PostSubject: Sheero ee tatsu   Thu 04 Jun 2009, 7:41 am

Zanpaktou name:
Sheero ee Tatsu (white dragon) *sheero for short*
[the name is mispelled on purpose]

Description of Zanpaktou's world:
A vast land with a clear grass land, always a calm night with a full moon, whos rays shine down softly upon the clearing below. A beautiful night and a beautiful area. Divided in four sections, once with mountians, one with a forest, another with a lake and the last with a clearing lacking vegitation. These four areas surround the grass land clearing. Lit under the full mooned sky with no stars

Description of manifestation:

Sheero ee Tatsu takes on the form of a light blue dragon. about the size of a horse he has two wings and two horns, four legs with bright white stripes covering his body and saphire eyes. He holds scars upon his body from 'training session' as he claims.

He also has a human human manifestation of a middle aged man with shaggy blue hair. In human manifestation he stands at 6 feet tall, towering over Rebecca as it seems to her. The expression upon his face is either a blank one or a serious one. His face seems charming and handsome and gives off a vibe that he takes things seriously. Sheero is seen as 'cool-looking' amung others.

Level[shikai or bankai]:


Shikai Description:
Stand up strong until the bitter end. Spred your wings so you may soar, and acend upon into the heavens
In sheero's shikia state the white ribbons around the handle extend and wrap around her left arm or wave loosely in the wind, long white scale like blades grow out from the blade, and the eyes on the dragon head on the handle turn bright, glowing white. the scales can fold in to create a smooth surface or peirce out to stab a opponant.
Her power increased at night time with the moon out and shining its light not much she just seems to have more endurance..and allowing a glow around her zanpakotuo to be brighter. Rebecca had given herself the self porclaimed title of being 'the shadow within the moonlight' From her Zanpakuto

Shikai ability
it increases her speed and strength and enhances her lightning based kidos. it also allows her to defy gravidy, almost as if she has invisible wings on her back. The scales of the blade fold in to create a smooth, more cleaner cut or peirce out, stabbing her opponant. The blade overtime collects spiritual particals arround it, making it glow light blue in color, the purpose is for it to be used in her techs, However there is a limit to the amount she can collect within her zanpakuto. A few scales resembling her manifestation appears on the sides of her face. Any cut given to a target by this blade will experience a light paralyer, The area will be numbed with electricity flowing through the wounded area as the blade cuts. the numbness wears off quickly however.

since i do not have bankia yet you dont need to look at this, i just have it down for when i do have bankia
Bankai Description:
Soar above the heavens, let thy wind guide you upon the lightning sticken path ahead Sheero ee Raijin Tatsu
The zampakuto looks like its in a sheath of its sealed form when bankia is first realeased, but the sheath is as sharp as a blade, when the sheath is on the bankia hasnt fully "awakened" and takes a few posts for it to awaken, the sheath disolves when her zampakuto awakens and the blade can break up into scale shaped shards to attack at a long range. stay as a sword or become a staff. a light blue auro surrounds her and each footstep she makes sends a ripple through the aura as if it were water, and light blue streams of lightning swirl around her and her hair turns to a whiteish blue color, grows long and she gets dragon wings on her back and horns on her head and one of her eyes changes blue and has heat vision in it, making it hard for a opponant to hide from her.

Bankai ability
rebecca's speed and her stamina increase, the zampakuto whether in shards or not gives off a faint glow and has tiny bolts of electricity zapping off it ocasionaly. when the blade hits a target it shocks them, sometimes stunning them for a second. she can collect mroe spiritual particals within her Zanpakuto allowing her to use her first tech a extra time. Her lightning kido's are enhanced even further. the wings allow her to defy gravidy longer and soar through the air, her attitude changes, having one more filled for a lust for battle, she acts more seductive, having most males try to cut her clothes off the see her nude insted of injuring her, however them focusing on other things would only make things easier for Becca x3 lmao


Tech 1: shikai
Raikiba *lightning fang*
when the shikia commanded it starts to collect spirit particals around the blade, as it collects the particals the blade starts to glow the color of her spiritual pressure, which is a very whitish-blue, using the Riakiba she can convert the particals into lightning and when the blade percies the opponents skin she sends in the particals and converts them to electricity, attacking the nervous system. with enough particals injected into her enemy she can even shut down the nervous system [about 5 posts to charge up and needs 2 posts to cool down before it can charge again max usage 4 times in battle] [gains 1 use per every 30 points]

Tech 2: shikia
Reiinjyu*lightning ribbon*
the ribbons around her arm can extend and wrap around her body, creating sort of a suit of armor, the ribbons have a elelctrical current flowing through them, and will zap anything that touches the ribbons except Rebecca. She tends to use this technique with opponants who fight more physically [duration 4 posts and can be used max 3 times in a battle] [gains 1 usage per every 100 points and one duration every 150 points]

Tech 3 shikia
Toboe Reijin Tsume *howling lighting demon talon*
she grows long talons and dragon scales on her index fingers and middle fingers on both hands. her speed and strength increase incredibly. her eyes turn blue and pupils are slit like a cats. after the scales start growing every post that passes another finger gets covered with scales on each hand and the scales extentes up her arm, chest and her cheeks.
she can use this if she feels a strong emotion, she goes almost insane, not being able to control herself, loosing connection with her zampacktou spirit. the tech can get extera power from her zampakuto's spirit particals it collects from its shikai. her claws glow her reaitsu color, when she lands a blow she inject the particals, converting them to electricity, shocking her enemy. she doesnt need her zampakuto 4 this tech. she attacks with much force and speed, it can sometimes be hard to dodge her attack but its not impossible to dodge *duh*.
she cant tell friend from foe, going crazy, she could turn on her teammates, but she can be shoken out of her tech, if she feels another stong emotion, shocking her, she'll go right back
*this can be used once in a battle and only once, the duration is 5 posts, a duration can be reached longer then this but she'll end up going insane, feeling closed in and having a mental break down* *every 100 points she gains 1 duration*

Last edited by Rebecca Seitz on Fri 05 Jun 2009, 12:32 am; edited 2 times in total
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PostSubject: Re: Sheero ee tatsu   Thu 04 Jun 2009, 7:57 pm

Your element's denied. We said pick ONE element. Tone down your shikai since it has like ten abilities within it. And your ability should only have something to do with lightning ONLY, including your techniques and bankai. your second tech's denied, nothing to do wwith lightning, Your zan overall needs to be re-done since the abilities are everywhere and doesn't pertain to your element.
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PostSubject: Re: Sheero ee tatsu   Fri 05 Jun 2009, 12:34 am

im sorry ^^''

i edited
hows that? or do you want me to tone things down a bit more?
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PostSubject: Re: Sheero ee tatsu   Fri 05 Jun 2009, 6:43 pm

You didn't edit anything..What I said still applies until you fix it accordingly.
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PostSubject: Re: Sheero ee tatsu   

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Sheero ee tatsu
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