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 The Incognito

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PostSubject: The Incognito   Mon 01 Jun 2009, 9:49 pm


Name: The Incongito

Description: As you can see, Incgonito's face is always covered in shadows, while only his faint gray eyes glow through the shadow veil Incognito always wears a long black robe and it appears that it is made out of shadows itself. Gliding easily through the air, he moves quietly through the dark halls of Las Noches, as only his insane eyes stare through the infinite darkness of the halls

Real Age: 6000+
Visual Age: Unknown

Class of Arrancar *Vasto Lorde* ...i hope ><

Personality: Probably Incognito's heaviest personality trait is Split personalities. Half of the time, Incognito would talk with quiet, cold and emotionless voice while his eyes would glow faint gray. In that state, The Incognito acts calm, cool and reserved. He controls his emotions really well and almost never lets the anger overflow his mind. He is confident in his skills and abilities and rarely uses his Ressurection. However if he sees if the odds are against him, Incognito’s calmer site will release his Resurection. Incognito speeks very formally in his calm state and never lets a swear word through, however he may always mock his opponent if he feels like it, but it happens very rarely. The calm Incognito is also very loyal to the rest of the Espada and their goals and respects the ones who are stronger than him.

However, sometimes, Incognito might spontaneously change into his other state. It could even happen in the middle of the sentence when Incognito is speaking or even right in the middle of the word. The most obvious sign to Icognito’s personality change is when his gray eyes would start glowing bright green with a sense of infinite darkness inside them. His voice would change into a deeper, louder and harsher one. Incognito’s personality will also change when he is in his second state. The Arrancar would become more angry, violent and hot-headed and his actions would be led by his rage, not his mind. The Espada keeps a close watch on him because of his uncontrolled anger. If he is being annoyed, the Rage Incognito may slaughter his allies without even noticing that they are their friends. When he goes really psychotic, the Calm Incgonito usually interferes and tries to stop the Rage one from destroying everything. However even in his second state, Incognito is able to carefully analyze the situation but only when his rage self feels like it.

History: Because of his age, most of Incognito’s history is shrouded in mystery, just like his name. However some of the information IS revealed in the Arrancar database. Incognito’s first appearance in Hueco Mundo was recorded 4000 years ago. At that time, Incognito was still in his humans body. Note, that 4000 years ago there was no Las Noches or anything else in Hueco Mundo. It was an empty world with a white desert beneath an eternal black sky, with only a few Arrancars roaming around, trying to understand this place. To understand where they are. Their past, their present... And their future…

One of them was a tall, pale man who roamed around the never-ending desert. He didn’t know his own name. He didn’t know who he was, where he was from and what he is going to become. He was truly, Incognito

Years passed. The man did not where he was going. Why? Why he was sentenced to this pointless, eternal life. For hundreds of years Incognito was trying to find at least… something. He was trying to discover at least anything that proves that he is not alone in this world. Something to define the sake of his existence. And one day… he saw a shadow figure at the black horizon

He ran. For hours. For days. For months. For years. Another cruel joke that the White Sand Desert has played with him. It was wider. Much more wider then it looked. And no matter how much he tried – the man could not reach that shadow figure. But finally, Incognito has succeeded.

It was a slender woman, with long white hair. She was the first living creature that Incognito has seen in centuries. She has pale skin, but now as pail as incognito’s. Her large green eyes calmly looked into the eternal night of Hueco Mundo. And the other things that surprised Incognito the most – a hole, the same as his was gaping through her body, in the middle of the woman’s stomach. She was, yet another arrancar from the few who were wondering through the Desert

Her name was Anna. She was a very interesting person and they quickly found a common ground, and discovered that there were many things they could talk about. And soon… the two arrancars fell in love.

Incognito and Anna happily walked through the White Desert. It was the best time of Incgonito’s life. They were so happy with each other – they did not even notice how the countless years have passed yet again but still their love was very, very deep. Even now, when he has turned into a two faced, schizophrenic monster, when Incognito remembers about that time, he feels warmth in his heart and for his soul – it’s like a faint ray of sun has broken through the darkened glass, into an old, abandoned, black room…

But, we’re running ahead of ourselves. Let’s go back to the passed time when Incognito and Anna were together. It seemed that nothing could destroy their love. But after a while – they have noticed that something strange were happening to their inner essences... They were turning into something… Into something new… Something devastating, that the world has nenver seen before. And when they woke up – Incognito and Anna found two sword lying at their sides. The Ressurection on an Vasto Lorde Arrancar…

They were truly surprised? What is that new feeling. New… Something new that they have never felt during these hundreds of years. Incognito was curious about that new feeling… Feeling of power… Eternal Power… Slowly, his trembling hand moved towards the hilt of a Resurection…

-No!!! – yelled his beloved as Incognito clutched the hilt of his sword. She was worried.. really worried about what could happen. That power… - it was evil. It was the power of darkness and nobody knew what it could turn her beloved into. No. It was truly too dangerous. But it was too late. Incognito stood up as he looked at his Resurection with a silver blade in amasement. He was breathing heavily as tons of energy flowed through his body

-No!!! Please, don’t take it!!! – screamed Anna. She quickly moved towards Incognito and grabbed his wrist, trying to make him drop his Resurection – Please, drop that sword!! – the female arrancar cried – It’s the source of darkness – the source of evil – tears were running down Anna’s face – If… if you don’t drop this sword now – she continued – our love is going to end.. forever. Please, darling I beg you!!! – Anna got on their knees, as she continued trying to make Incognito let go of his Ressurection

Meanwhile, Incognito was continuing getting overrun by this huge amount of power that his newly aquired Ressurection channelled through his body. As he turned towards Anna his usual gray eyes glowed bright, insane green color. A wicked smile appeared on his face, as he, without any effort pulled the resurection from Anna’s arms. It was a second – just a second, but it seemed like an eternity for both of them, when their eyes met. Innocent blue eyes looked at the insane green ones. Just for a second. And then……

…Anna’s eyes widened as she felt cold steel run through her chest. She looked down while a bright glean of red blood trickled down her face. A large, red stain around Incognito’s Resurection became larger and larger. He was still laughing as he pulled out his silver blade which was now stained with Anna’s blood. He was still laughing when he watched her beloved’s body drop down as the sand around her turned bright red. He was still laughed as Anna’s hand reached out towards the man she loved… His bright green eyes turned to gray again, as Incognito dropped his Resurection. He fell on his knees, clutching Anna’s hand, while she tried to whisper something ignoring the blood pouring out of her mouth. Incognito bent down, expecting the woman’s last words to be a curse at the man whom she loved, but who has betrayed and stabbed her in exchange for Resurection’s power

-I… love… you – whispered Anna’s quietly into Incognito’s ear – I… love… you… - she repeated over and over again as her voice became more and more quiet until finally, Anna’s eyes became blank, and her cold hand became motionless in Incognito’s arms……

((will do an rp sample later. and can i possibly book the position of the Segunda?))

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PostSubject: Re: The Incognito   Mon 01 Jun 2009, 11:28 pm

After viewing this, sure. Make sure to come up with the RP sample.
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PostSubject: Re: The Incognito   Mon 08 Jun 2009, 10:25 pm

RP Sample: ((bleh))

Incognito slowly opened his eyes. His his dull gray glowing eyes stared at the low ceiling for 3 full minutes, before the Arrancar tried to turn his head. However, Incognito was able to. In fact, he was not able to move his body at all. His limbs were perfectly chained to a wall, made out of black marble stone, which was suppressing Incognito's reatsu by golden chains, which looked heavy and unbreakable and were also lowered Incognito's ability to control his own power

Wonderfull - Incognito thought as he lied still on the cold, concrete floor - What a perfect place for someone like me to spend my leisure time in - he thought sarcastically and coldly and the same time - If the Primera assigns me another mission like that, I am going to tear him in half, even if he is the Primera - thought the Arrancar calmly. He did ot have any fear of being confronted with someone particularly powerfull, like the Primera Espada, or the Captain Commander. In fact, he did not have much emotions over all. But that was the exact thing that made Incognito irreplacable for that kind of mission, and the Arrancar perfectly understood that

But it was enough time for thinking. It was time for Incognito to act. The most boring part was already over and now came what was promising to be at least a bit amusing to Incognito. The wall and the chains had eaten away a good part of Incognito's reatsu, however.... those shiningami surely believed that he was the Octava, so these chains were meant to surpress, someone with a power of an Octava. But what the shiningamis did not know - was that there are many ways to conceal a considerable amount of your spiritual energy - and Incognito knew a lot of them. He closed his eyes, as Incognito's mind travelled deep inside his inner world, seeking the energy, that the Arrancar has hidden in it's darkest depths long, long time ago. The raw powerfull energy, that was building up for a great amount of time, and was waiting for it's moment to burst, and oblitirate anything that stands in it's way. Incognito felt his retasu building up inside his body, however he did not let it to randomly explode. He was not like some young, imbecils what did not know how to control their power. Carefully channeling his reatsu through the chains, Incognito felt how the chains began trembling. Suddenly, Incognito significantly increased the amount of reatsu he was channeling. And the chains which could not stand such a sudden and large increase in energy, simply shattered into small golden pieces

It was time to act

Incognito stood up, slowly, looking around his small cell. The shiningami would soon notice, that the enchanted chains have been broken, and hundreds of those little bugs, will burst in here, trying to take the Arrancar down. Incognito needed to act quickly. His hand went inside his shadow robe, as its fingers felt something cold underneath Incognito's dress. The Ressurection, that Incognito has hidden inside his robe was still there. His shadow robe, was one of the things that Incognito used to conceal his own power, including his weapon. The reatsu that the Ressurection was emitting was completily blocked off the the shadow robe ensuring that the shiningamis will not feel any weapon that Incognito has hidden

Incognito opened the door, using the same technique that he used to break from the chains. He walked up the stairs calmly, even though the shiningamis might have already found out that he had escaped and began the formation to surround the Arrancar. However, no mere shiningami was a match for someone like Incognito. Without any problems, the Arrancar was able to escape the undergound prison

It was in Incognito's favor, that the underground cells were not exacly within the Gotei 13 territory, and it was some time before the major backup would arrive, giving Incognito more time to complete his mission. Using sonido, the Arrancarr quickly closed up on the target - the Eastern walls of Seiretei....

Withou effort, the Arrancar quickly took out the weak guard that was there. However he needed to hurry up. Incognito felt several strong sources of reatsu coming his way. From the depths of his robe, emerged another object that Incognito has hidden from the eyes of the shiningami. It was a small, triangular stone, which emitted dull red glow. Quickly, Incognito palced the stone against the massive wall, as thin red lines immediately spread from the stone, wrapping around a major part of the Eastern wall. As the lines have spread, the image of the stone became more vague, as it sank into Incognito's skin, and an area of his arm, emitted the same red glow that the lines that covered the wall did. Iy was merely a matter of time, before the energy in the lines, and the energy in the stone which was now inside Incognito would built up and synch to the level, when the Seiretei wall would be blown into dust. Incognito was not a living bomb, indeed. The only problem was......

.....they were here

Incognito turned around and his eyes suddenly glowed bright, insane green as the shiningamis surrounded him
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PostSubject: Re: The Incognito   Wed 17 Jun 2009, 8:14 pm

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The Incognito
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